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Oct. 13, 2020

589. For all those difficult situations in your life. You need a scri…

Nina Sossamon-Pogue‘s dreams of going to the Olympics was crushed due to a career ending injury. She went on to become voted Top …

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Oct. 6, 2020

588. “Be the voiceover artist in your own life,” w/ Emmy award winnin…

Today on TSL we welcome Emmy-winning voiceover artist, actress, & motivational speaker Tasia Valenza. If you don’t recognize her …

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Oct. 3, 2020

587. You’re playing for more than a WIN

When your back was against the wall, you did what you had to be done regardless of how hard or long. But what about the times whe…

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Sept. 29, 2020

586. You took the Loss, but did you take the Lessons?

Life is full of loss, but Life too is rich with lessons within the loss. While reading Patrick Bet- David’s book, “Your Next Five…

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Sept. 22, 2020

585. Survivor's Guilt & Are you working to "Stay" or "Separate?"

Many people have sat across the desk from me who have lost everything due to the devastating Hurricane Laura that ripped Lake Ch…

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Sept. 18, 2020

584. You’re there for the Yea-but’s

The Yea-but’s are the voices of doubt that run contrary to what’s been written or diagramed. Coaches have to coach players throug…

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Sept. 15, 2020

583. Stop saying “I’m sorry” for no reason

One of my favorite podcasts & people to follow is Heather Monahan. She’s got such great energy & has no problem sharing her scars…

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Sept. 6, 2020

582. Play through to your Who

In his book, “Built To Serve” Evan Carmichael has a chapter titled, “This Will Be Tough.” I needed to read this chapter while my…

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Aug. 29, 2020

581. 3 Stages of Resiliency

Coming to shore with 150 MPH winds Hurricane Laura has devastated my hometown & forever altered the lives of my friends & family.…

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Aug. 26, 2020

580. Make it hard for them to say NO

Today we're back in Fredrik Eklund's book "The Sell." Being he's the most successful real estate broker in the USA, who better to…

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Aug. 24, 2020

579. Accept. Agree. Admit. Deliver

Gina Trimarco is an Improv Specialist. One of the key fundamentals to Improv is accepting what the other person says-even if you …

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Aug. 17, 2020

578. "The Honey-Badger of Sales" Mike Weinberg takes over TSL.

This is an "All-Week Weinberg" edition of TSL featuring Top Sales Influencer Mike Weinberg. Even if you are not in the sales prof…

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Aug. 14, 2020

577. The under & extra to your ORDINARY

A friend of mine called me excitedly to tell me he was about to open his first business. Coming from a broken home, small town & …

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Aug. 13, 2020

576. You’re losing anyway, so why not 🤷‍♂️

“Omg when I get out of this slump?” says everyone. In those pressure-packed moments all you can think about is what went wrong & …

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Aug. 12, 2020

575. Screw the certainty, take the chance.

Lately I've been on a role with Million Dollar Listing celebrity brokers so why not keep the streak going? Fredrik Eklund is the …

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Aug. 11, 2020

574. Pocket the cause. Keep the effect. | Use being pissed off to you…

When Tracy Tutor, author of " Fear Is Just a Four Letter Word" and Million Dollar Listing celebrity broker was going through a di…

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Aug. 10, 2020

573. Do you fear the result or the preparation?

The iron man of MLB Cal Ripken Jr. was asked recently how he dealt with fear. He said that he didn't fear the result-he didn't wi…

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Aug. 7, 2020

572. How to leverage a hostile situation or closed-off customer

It's human nature to want to mirror & meet your hostile situation or closed off customer with the same body language and vibes th…

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Aug. 6, 2020

571. Get to your point. | Persevering when it seems impossible.

I'm reading Robert O'Neill's book "The Operator. Firing The Shots That Killed Osama Bin Laden." While training to become a Navy S…

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Aug. 5, 2020

570. No, you're not an ASKHOLE

The NUMBER 1 killer in sales is the Big Ask. You pull back because you don't want to seem pushy. You think that you're being an A…

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Aug. 4, 2020

569. Chip out of a divot | Purposefully put yourself in difficult sit…

When it was all on the line, people would watch in amazement when PGA legend Jack Nicklaus would hit unbelievable shots to win it…

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Aug. 3, 2020

568.Never give your bat away. | Never let an opportunity go to waste.

11X Golden Glove Winner Keith Hernandez was taking batting practice early in his career & to his amazement, the legendary Pete Ro…

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July 31, 2020

567. To script or not to script?

Many sales gurus are divided on whether a salesperson should use a script or not. One argument is, YES, salespeople should use a …

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July 30, 2020

566. Are you & your buyer on the same stage? 🥶 | Ryan Serhant's 7 sta…

In his book, "Sell It Like Serhant," celebrity Real Estate Agent Ryan Serhant walks salespeople through his 7 stages of selling. …

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