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TSL Nation! Let’s get it! “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it and what you do proves what you believe.” ~ Simon Sinek

If you want to truly make someone stutter, after they tell you “what” they do ask them “why” they do it in the first place.

People can tell you what they do, but…

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YouTube! Thanks for checking out this remix from all of this week’s episodes!

I know the days can get away from you and you missed a few episodes of The Sales Life. Don’t worry I got you. 7 episodes wrapped into one.

523: How to quickly make a play but come back to form & structure. I got this f…

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They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but Emulation is the strongest path the success. What’s the difference between Imitation & Emulation? Why do I get burned out so quick? Why are some people less talented than me so successful? Keep enrolling for another degree? Keep jumping from j…

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“The version of you is perfect for right now, but it’ll be inferior for next year.”

Those words were seared into me last night from Ed Mylett. He went on to say, “I am in a constant crises to get to the NEXT VERSION of me.”

You need a why? You need a driver? You need a reason to get up?


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Say the phrase, “I gotta live with it...” & notice how your mind & body physically & psychology shift.

Do you feel strong and able or weak and helpless?

It’s amazing when you’re facing adversity, if you remove the word “with” & replacing with “for” how you’ll begin to change your whole situation …

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"The person with their hand always up is going to get promoted before you. They're going to get the office before you. They going to leverage their promotion to a better paying job before you even get a raise. You were better trained, better prepared. But you didn't let the world see that because y…

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You’ll often see a pacer in races. They’re the ones out in front setting the expectations of others.

Relationships, finances, wellness, health, & your career, you’ll start off being the pacer, but wind up doing the pacing- falling to the cadence of others.

Today’s TSL Post-it note: When you slow…

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I resist the urge to jump in when a young manager asks for help because the only way he’ll learn what to fix is by learning what to look for.

Your growth is tied to your hands on experience. When you’re doing or seeing something new, don’t be so quick to ask for help. Sitting in the tension to fig…

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“You have to know form in order to break form...you have to know structure in order to break structure. Otherwise you’re just shortcutting.” ~Michael Gervais

You want the quick results so you ask, “What can I get away with NOT doing & still get massive results?”

The short answer? Nothing grand.

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“Every next level of your life demands a new version of you.” Inky Johnson

Why be so quick to pop off and show people where you came from? If you want to show them, let it be in distance, act in such a way that is so far removed from who you once were & how you once handled things to productively …

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Not quite ready to start that blog, channel, page, or podcast? Working on the details- doing a little more research before launching that message?

Want it perfect, right? It’ll suck. Even if you think it’s good, you’ll look back on it embarrassed & I hope you are, because that’ll prove to you just…

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June 4, 2020

First, be average

Because average is the base camp of great. So you fell asleep at the wheel...your pants are tighter & your sales are lighter. I bet when I talk to you, you’re telling me how you used to look and live right?

And you were soooo close, right? You almost had it going on like “them.” And now look at yo…

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In episode 517 we talked about the need for endurance, but let’s skip back to effort again because effort only once is a result, but if you reapply your skills with even more effort, you’ll = achievement.

Today we work off of Angela Duckworth’s formula for massive achievement. Talent x Effort = Sk…

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When comedian Steve Martin is asked his advice on how to be successful it’s pretty simple.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

Today we’re riffing from @calnewport book “So good they can’t ignore you.” Adopt a “Craftsman’s Mindset” & stop playing against “tha man” & start molding your career.


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New month, new goals, right? With renewed optimism THIS is gonna be your month. To achieve your goals it’s gonna take massive effort...we all know that.

Effort = Reward. But what isn’t talked about is it’s gonna take endurance too. Endurance is the ability to stay in the tension for as long as yo…

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“I can’t take it anymore!” Said that a few thousand times? Yea, me too, when things aren’t working. It’s times like this that you have to remember you’re playing in the gap between “Fake it till I make it” & “Make it till I make it.” You’re playing in the “take it” gap & interpreting it wrong. Text…

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David Clark was remembered on Rich Roll’s podcast. Rich played a previous conversation he had with David- his story was amazing to transforming from a 320 lb raging alcoholic who could only run 15 seconds, to one who ran some of those rigorous ultra runs ever. Clark said, “I didn't want to just run…

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Today is a “heavy have to” for me. There are days where I’m ramped up & excited about the future.

But today’s not one of those days. It’s what I call a “heavy have to,” where the obligations weigh you down & call you out. “You want to do what?” & “Be what?” The heavy have to’s will fill you with d…

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You start off expecting everything but notch up a few losses and you end accept anything. Shrugging it off with an “Oh well.”

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511. “It was ‘in spite of,’ not ‘because of.”

When you look at an athlete, actor, entrepreneur- or anyone who is successful, you often are looking for their advantages & telling yourself that they made it “because of” (their gifts or luck).

But their story is just like yours. The story you see to…

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511. “Expect everything. Attach to nothing.”
Benjamin Hardy writes that one of the psychological keys to Kobe Bryant’s success was his refractory period.

Your refractory period is the amount of time it takes to emotionally recover & move on from an experience.

KB had a short memory. He took the …

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510. When it doesn’t make sense, work certain.

On his show Maxed Out, Ed Mylett made an off-hand comment to John Maxwell. “Who would’ve ever thought a preacher could leave his church and go on to become one of the most prolific thought leaders in business (& life), selling over 30 million books.”

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509. Overwhelmed, stressed, or fearful? Get moving. | Learn how to quiet 🤫 negative emotions.

Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman was recently on Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory Podcast. I’m geeky about how the brain 🧠 works but I’m reeeeeal geeky on managing fear.

Today, I’m DJ’ing Huberman’s findings, l…

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508. Double your abilities by optimizing “hard”

“The ability of the average man can be DOUBLED if their situation demanded it.” Will Durant

Think back...when you were in the clutch of a situation you doubled your abilities and made it happen, right?

Kids, 12 hour work days, single parenting, or…

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