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On your path to change, you will suffer emotional & physical injuries along the way.

Injuries are a part of it, but the word injury is a noun & your recovery has EVERYTHING to do with what comes after that noun.

Past tense, past results...dead future.
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In chapter 14 of Wes Berry’s book “Big Things Have Small Beginnings,” he leads off telling the true story of “A message to Garcia.”

A story of one officer who had to go alone through the jungles to deliver a critical message to Garcia. It took Rowan 3 weeks but he did it.

He didn’t whine or com…

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Self- worth is the OPINION you place on the value that you bring. Being that you’ve got no problem remembering all of your mistakes & failures you pronounce have a low self worth.

Which is why you depend on material things & others to make you feel worthy.

Today changes all of that. You set your …

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Jason Feifer Editor & Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine said on Heather Monahan’s “Creating Confidence” Podcast “You have 2 sets of opportunities:

Opportunity Set A: All the things people are asking you to do. ie Boss, expectations.

Opportunity Set B: All the things that are available but no one is …

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“I wish I was more consistent,” is on everybody’s wish list. You start off on fire to get up earlier to work out or learn more, but you soon quit because you can barely walk or stay awake during the day.

You quit in the dip. This episode will help you power through.

TSL Action:
1. What skill wi…

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A life without reflection is like a bike with no reflectors. You get run over.

TSL Action for today:
1. What will you reflect on?
2. Now that you’ve shed light on that experience, what will you do- not to get back, but to move ahead?

Email me @ thesaleslife1@gmail.com

If you ❤️ today’s episode…

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Have you ever talked to someone over the phone & in that 1 phone call you determined what they looked like- all the way down to their race, weight, height, & success?

And then when you see them in person they look NOTHING like you envisioned? 😂

If your mind is that powerful to create an image of …

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“When’s the last time you took responsibility over everything that’s happened in your life.” ~ Mark Metry author of “Screw Being Shy.”
When people hear the word responsibility they immediately equate it to fault.
It’s not your fault your parents got divorced.
It’s not your fault your dad died when …

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On my way to work I saw a tree service cutting a huge limb that was hovering over the powerline. If that branch broke, it would fall & knock out the power in that area.They cut the branch, but they didn't cut the tree.I wish I was mature enough to initiate pruning in my life, but sometimes life's c…

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I want to play a clip of Ed Mylett & Gary V talking about the power of momentum...then I’m gonna riff on it. Momentum is a tricky thing because you never know when it'll come...and when you realize it's gone, it's too late. 
Please share today's message with 1 person who could use it. 
Connect with…

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The word “No” should be like the last name Smith...common. No is recognition not validation.

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Ohhhhh no! The word “NEGOTIATE.” Don’t skip this one bc we don’t negotiate strictly as a profession, we all negotiate in every area of your life. “Great negotiating is helping the other side think...if you make this decision, here are some potentialities of making that decision.” Parents w/ kids...…

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Social media generates followers, "friends," and connections, but I've never thought about developing an inner circle. I thought inner circles were for the Oprah's, Tyler Perry's, and Warren Buffet's of this world.
Melissa Burrow author of "Chasing Bentleys: The power of accountability in achievi…

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April 18, 2020

Few now...few later

This was my 92nd episode I recorded and realized that I’d never published it so it’s been sitting in my drafts for a couple of years.

Today is a remix of that episode.

🔥The question to you, “Are you doing what most or few are doing?”

If you’re a part of few, you’re in good company. If you’re …

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When I was hired into sales, the 1rst piece of advice that I got was, "Don't assume anything."

Don't assume you know who's a buyer and who's a liar. 

Don't assume you know if they'll put more money down or take a vehicle with less equipment or higher miles. 

Think how costly assumptions are to y…

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Sports psychologist Michael Gervais (he's got a really good podcast called "Finding Mastery") embarked on a 30 mile paddle board competition, but on mile 21 he was disoriented and found himself on his knees.

The boat trailing him couldn't help him-otherwise he'd be disqualified, but the boat capt…

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The comment was towards the end of the podcast and I almost turned it off.

“You are the company that you keep,” said @ryanserhant on Jordan Paris podcast.

Who’s in your camp? Who do you chop it up with most? “Is it easy to be like them?” If you were like them would you be giving up or reaching up…

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There are 3 types of salespeople right now:

1)Those who are waiting for the all clear in order to go back to work

2)Those who believe that things are going to be great “on the other side of this”

3)Those who get better now so when better comes they’re the best.

Chase Jarvis author of "Creative …

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April 10, 2020

Choose a Worthy Rival

Chapter 9 in Simon Sinek’s book “The Infinite Game,” is a game changer for you. What if you moved from seeing a person or business as your competitor to one of a Worthy Rival

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When you walk into certain rooms...change environments...or get around certain people, what’s the 1rst thing you reach for?

Your first reach is either empowering or disabling you.

Thanks for watching. Please share with someone who could use this episode. Also subscribe to be a part of The Sales …

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You have Competitive Advantages over the most richest, powerful people on the planet. You just don’t see it...but you will after today. “Find your pain points and attack it earlier & more frequently.”

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Author Robert Greene added to Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ quote & discussed it on Jordan Paris’ podcast. I’ve been on both sides of the coin. Because of my character I was nearly destroyed...& other times I’ve risen to the occasion. One thing is certain, adversity always comes back & when it does…

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Riffing from Benjamin Hardy’s great book “Willpower Doesn’t Work,” about who you’re competing with. If your skills aren't developing fast enough or your career is at a standstill, it’s because your competing at eye level & not “there” level. You can’t be taller but you can compete taller.

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You know when you go into an old house that’s been closed up for a while & when you turn the faucet on, the pipes rattle & the water comes out brown? That’s what change is for you. Your work & results stink. Keep your work flowing. 💪

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