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Jan. 23, 2022

#674. Load their lips.

We use a term in the car business called "Load their lips." Because I can't teach a salesperson every possible scenario they may encounter when working with a customer; I'll "load their lips" with what to say and expect.

One of my favorite quotes from Seth Godin is, "People don't believe what you…

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Have you ever had one of those days where you played like a rookie? Well, I had a whole week of it!

I made so many boneheaded mistakes. I signed customers up to the wrong bank; I used the wrong interest rates and even gave a customer a rebate that they didn't qualify for.

In the world of finance…

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They say that the road to hell is paved with intentions...maybe, but the road to maximizing your potential is paved with intentions PLUS action.

If you want to see a change in your life, you're going to have to go through HELL (trust me I know!) but you'll get there!

I'm so pulling for you!


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When’s the last time you took responsibility over everything in your life? That’s a heavy one right, but it’s one to really take time to reflect and consider.

Many times people relate fault with responsibility. Think, “Who’s responsible for this,” but some things weren’t your fault.

Some t…

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Doing what you cannot do is your superpower because most people only do things that they’re certain they can do. That mindset will shrink you into mediocrity.

Repeatedly failing has 4 benefits. Yes you’ll fail, but you’ll develop strength, character, confidence, & belief on the other side.


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“Video is structural, not cyclical.” says my guest Patrick Frank Author of the book, “Zoom Out. The Video First Playbook.”

There’s no question that video is not going away but while we acknowledge that it is here to stay, we don’t fully embrace it.

Today you’ll learn how to leverage the power o…

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TSL let's goooo! One of my favorite quotes is by Elanor Roosevelt, "Do what you cannot do." You'll develop strength, character, confidence, and belief if you do.

Fail and benefit in 4 ways! How rewarding is that! Today I'll show you the benefits of taking failure head-on. Like my college football …

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What does it mean to get 1% better every day? Do I just show up and do my best or is there more to it?

In the book Atomic Habits, James Clear writes that over the course of a year, 1% daily improvement = 37x ROI vs. 1% worse daily, you'll be back at zero. Roll that year over year and you're a liv…

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The results won’t show if you’re not there. You can learn ABOUT anything using IG, Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok, but you won’t learn HOW until you first do.

If you want to do sales, writing, podcasting, speaking, or live content (😉) then you must DO & do & do.

You’ve gotta pay your dues bec…

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You've probably said, "Something's gotta give!" a million and one times. And it seems like, the minute you say those words, things get worse for you.

Most people say those words, and give up right after. If you say those words, you must keep on giving.

I'll guarantee you success if you keep giv…

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Bad credit, single parent, and broke, I had nowhere but up when I decided to jump into the sales profession 20+ years ago. Not so for David Perry, author of "Game of Sales. Lessons Learned While At Adobe, Amazon, Google, and IBM." After earning his MBA at Cornell University, Perry didn't see the sa…

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How can barely being able to pay your rent, maxing out your credit cards, and having zero results be an asset for you? LOTS!

If you took the leap of faith and started a new business or position and you're barely holding on? You're right where you need to be.

This moment is a setup for success.

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Wow! What a time to be alive! Seriously. Disruption is all around us. There's the word technology...but then you've got cryptocurrency, NFT, AI, and VR. There's so much disruption in fact that companies are changing their name to match the metaverse.

Disruption can blow your face off. To deal wit…

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Empty hands are due to a full mind. Good or bad. Right or wrong. In your control or out of your control, empty your mind out.

Play empty-minded, not absent-minded.

In today's episode, you'll learn the cadence that I use when I am feeling less than and overwhelmed.

This clip comes from episode …

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Are you tired or depleted? A big difference that you’ve gotta ask yourself & only you know.

Tired yet pushing develops new capacities. But when you’re depleted, the capacity is there, but the ability to fill it is not.

Sometimes you need an hour or a day…other times you need much longer. Unplug.…

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You’ve got to start off being the only thing in order to be a sure thing.

You want people to believe in you …take a chance on you…invest in you…

But you’ve got to be the one to invest in yourself first.

People are watching you…

They want to see how you communicate…

How you’re always asking q…

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Nov. 10, 2021

LIH: Let it happen.

Don’t force it, yet you have nothing to lose.”

That’s a powerful, contrarian statement.

It takes faith & maturity to not force it & just let things take shape..because forcing it only makes things worse.

Yet when you have nothing to lose, you’re empowered to persistently push past your fears &…

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College isn't for everyone. If you're not going for a specialized degree, you may want to think twice about spending massive $$$$ to try to figure it out.

Get into sales instead. Even if you don't make a career out of it, you can transfer these 5 skills into every area of your life.

Thanks for …

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Stress is needed in your life. Without it, you'd never grow to have more, do more, & be more. You get into trouble when you layer stress on top of stress to the point where you can no longer shoulder the burdens.

Today I'll show you how to put stress in its place and make it work for you.

Thanks …

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When you’re in your 20’s you can afford to say f*ck it! & try something new and totally different. But when you’re in your 30’s & 40’s you can’t afford to just throw your hands up & say “F*ck it. Life has passed me by.”

Now that you’re older & have more responsibilities, you may not can just abru…

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Stress is meant for strength not for you to shrink. Much of your unproductive stress is because you’re layering situations on top of situations creating burdens that have weighed you down.

You need to create space in your life by looking for the good in every situation. When I say good I don’t m…

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You’ve been told your whole life “what to think” but rarely do you learn HOW to think.

Case in point, have you ever been in an unfamiliar situation and had no idea WHAT to do?

How to think takes the foundation of what to think & makes it your own.

For more than 600 podcast episodes head over …

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Is it not working? Or not working yet? I’ve quit so many times simply because it was not working…

But maybe my yet hadn’t arrived…& the failures weRe connections for future wins. See, it had to get to certain points to figure something out to connect me to success later…but I quit too soon & didn’…

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