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Chasing Nouns, i.e. a job title, is fruitless because if you have the “noun” you spend all of your time protecting it, not wanting to look foolish in front of others.
If you’re chasing a noun, you end up jumping from job to job because you got the noun, but it’s not what you expected so you jump …

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When your back was against the wall, you did what you had to be done regardless of how hard or long. But what about the times when you don’t ”have to?” The times when you take it easy & you were still ok.

When your SalesLife whispers to you to take it easy because you’ve been working hard, respond…

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Life is full of losses, but Life too is rich with lessons within the loss. While reading Patrick Bet- David’s book, “Your Next Five Moves,” I stumbled across the quote, “If you’re going to lose, don’t lose the lessons.”

Today we pull on that thread. How many times have you been so emotionally w…

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Gina Trimarco is an Improv Specialist. One of the key fundamentals to Improv is accepting what the other person says-even if you don't agree.

How many friendships have been lost or blocked due to one person posting something that the other person doesn't agree with?

I think about how many deals …

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“Know your numbers...” I’ve heard that a time or 10,000, but knowing your numbers is not enough. It’s what you do with the numbers.

You can use the numbers to “Bitch or be Rich.” You can use the numbers to bitch about how you’re getting all of the bad leads, territories, customers, and everyone’s…

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This is an "All-Week Weinberg" edition of TSL featuring Top Sales Influencer Mike Weinberg. Even if you are not in the sales profession, you can apply his wisdom and insight into your SalesLife.

Mike is a consultant, sales coach, speaker, and author on a mission to simplify sales. His specialties…

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Aug. 20, 2020

First you have to SUCK

“I hate calling customers...” my salesperson told me, “because I got rejected once by the customers (when they were here), so I can’t stomach the rejection to hear that they bought somewhere else when I follow up...”

So he told himself No instead.

🔥I’d rather hear a No than assume a No.
How man…

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“10 percenters” is what I call the mean 😡, rude 🤬, & nasty 🤢 customers.

Don’t let 10% of those customers ruin 90% of your month. Think about the customers who come in and light you up & how much time you spend retelling the story over and over again.

(Hear me well) Retell doesn’t make for retail…

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Does your “do” line up with your direction? Distractions lead to direction.

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You were supposed to land that account. The customer was supposed to buy from you. You guys were supposed to be together forever. You were supposed to get the promotion. YOU HAD THE WINNING HAND...& got cracked.

In poker terms “cracked” is when a player beats another player who had a stronger sta…

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July 6, 2020

Keep it real!

Today’s episode hits on 4 of the 8C’s: Communication, Connection, Continuous learning, & Criticism (if one of those is you listen on...if not, I’ll see you tomorrow 😂)

You say you want to keep it 💯 with others, but really you keep it 65. We both tell each other what we want to hear, but not what w…

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2 topics we’re going to hit on today to get your Sales game tight: 1) High resistance offers/ Low resistance action followed by “Oh well” process. 2) Most customers have only one NO (knee jerk No)...but most salespeople give up after the first No. Here’s how you move forward.

Learn on the go by s…

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Think of ask if the opportunities you missed out on. The customer, account, person, or startup that, if you had to do it over again, you’d jump all over it. Missed opportunities are frozen capital. Today we’re focusing on the opportunities that you take.

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That’s the #1 piece of advice the boss gave you. But I’m not talking about the boss...I’m talking to the boss. You as it relates to your Life. Life is paying you in results and outcomes that may not be bearing much fruit, but will you make more mandatory when doing less is optional?

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Do more than what you’re paid for. Choose hard even when you easy is available .

A quick clip from The Sales Life Podcast on ITunes or Spotify

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When it comes to emotions, “Usually” is your default setting. ie “When this happens, I usually (react) & do this.”

“You are where you are be of “usually.” If you want to change your results, then change how you look and handle the data, so that when your mind, in an effort to conserve energy, defa…

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Don’t let what you’ve “done” be greater than what you’ll “do.”

Is what you’ve done all there is to do?

Ring to ruin there’s always next.

Text me or leave me a voice mail w/ your thoughts & questions! 337-565-0906

Put your thumbs to work! 👍Share today’s message with someone who needs it.

🔔 Hi…

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June 24, 2020

No Wagon, No Band

(Recorded live in IG for The Sales Life Podcast on iTunes & Spotify) “People can’t jump on your bandwagon if it’s parked in the garage.” Sam Horn

There are so many things you want to do: mentor, help kids, raise awareness, support the elderly, teach literacy, start a cooking show, write a book, te…

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Every day you work to get to points which is understandable because your points provide certainty, comfort, and convenience. You’ve shortened your success because you’re working in points and cease living in ranges.

🔥You learn in ranges, but you survive in points.

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Author of Lost and Founder, Ram Fishkin writes about a MVP: Minimum Viable Product.

Meaning an MVP for a behemoth like Nike is different than a startup like Johnny’s Hoodies. Before Nike can launch, they have to consider how it’ll affect millions of buyers, but because no one outside of the neighb…

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Failing 9th grade ain’t good. Failing where you are right is great, because fail-ing is a process whereas failure is a label. & if it’s a label then everything you do supports that labor.

I want you to start seeing the failing as a plus not a minus. Today I’ll give you 5 ways to look at failing a…

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When it comes to “decisions, Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, doesn’t feel that they lead to “consequences” but more-so “outcomes.”

I never liked the only word “consequences” as it relates to making a decision because the word “consequence” tends to have a negative association to decision. …

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This week has been an absolute train wreck for accomplishment. My week’s wins have been fractional in comparison to my mission...but “how fast can I come back?”

If you feel overwhelmed because things aren’t coming together for you this one’s for you (& me 😉)

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Price & Cost seem synonymous but they are not the same. Price is the decision, but the costs are what fuels (or stalls) the decision.

Your TSL Post Note: When the price is pretty, the costs are ugly. When you price is ugly, the costs (benefits) are pretty.

🛑 please share today’s episode if you f…

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