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Comparison is a losing bet because there will ALWAYS be someone younger, stronger, faster, richer & more experienced than you.

Episode Notes
Continuing on in Joshua Medcalf's book, "Chop Wood. Carry Water," 2 words kept bubbling up: Comparison & Perspective.

In episode #588 Emmy…

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Imagine Life hands you a small box and says, “Here. You deserve this.”

Episode Notes
“Chop wood. Carry water.” The first time I heard this phrase was from Coach Phil Jackson In his book, “11 Rings.” Although the players he coached were legendary (MJ, Kobe, Shaq), it always centered around the bas…

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We tend to walk in straights: Straight to the kitchen. Straight to work. Straight home. Straight to school. Straight to the gym. Straight to bed.

You think straight is where all of the action is, but you're missing 3 other directions.

Your OPPORTUNITIES are in the peripherals.

There are 4 dir…

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The straw has been around for 5000 years yet there have been only 2 major changes.

Durable & Flexible.

Your path may be the shortest path and you don't even realize it.

Everything. We're riffing out of Zack Friedman's phenomenal book, " The Lemonade Life," of how the straw can revolutionize you…

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Some people know their calling in Life at age 8...while the rest of us take 40 years & rack up $100k in debt only to still not know.

If you find you’re stuck in Life, this episode is for you!

Regardless of where you are in Life, following Zack Friedman’s 5E’s will propel you in the right dire…

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In a recent conversation with Brian Koppelman, Seth Godin said that professionals see ANY change in the market as an opportunity. Where amateurs whine, complain, & go away, pros push ahead & embrace momentary incompetence as part of their craft.

💭 Do you see ANY change in the market as an opport…

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World class negotiator & Columbia Law Professor Alexandra Carter was recently a guest on Hala Taha’s Young & Profiting Podcast speaking about her book “Ask For More.”

Carter teaches a powerful 3 word technique that will yield you higher results:

“Land the plane ✈️ “

How many times have y…

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Nov. 28, 2020

599. S.S.S.S.

Stop Saying Stupid Sh*t

For the upcoming season, that's all Trevor Moawad told his players to do (or not do).
Coming from a background of "Power of Positive Thinking" Moawad found it extremely difficult for people to stay the course because "positivity" is a huge internal game that requires a lot …

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If you really, really, really wanna help someone out do so by letting them struggle because growth comes beyond the point of frustration.

I think about the times when I'm quick to help my daughter with a big word or finish an assignment (which I some times end up doing for her) and robbing her of…

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We all have something g going on- all of our circumstances are diverse, but even so, opportunities still exist.

But you can’t seize an opportunity unless you’re willing to see an opportunity.

Opportunities are the great equalizer. For those who seem to have everything and those who lack everyth…

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Named "Top 50 Most Influential Sales and Marketing Leaders," "The Sales Hunter" Mark Hunter takes over TSL!

Mark Hunter teaches CEO's and Sales Leaders from 5 continents and more than 100 countries on how to sell using authenticity, transparency, and values.

Hunter is "The King Of Zing." Hu…

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Leaving his father to start his own company Kenneth Cole was asked, "What would you have done had IT not worked?"

"What I didn't tell them is I didn't know what my IT was," said Cole.

Think about the times when you've drawn the proverbial line in the sand of what your IT looked like...& because …

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Imagine finally getting your shot to interview a top influencer & not only are you 10 minutes late, but you FORGOT TO HIT RECORD.

(Time stamp cheat sheet below 👇)

What should I say? How can I spin it? Who can I blame? Should I quit? Am I out of my league?

After the personal beat-down, I learned…

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Think about all of the moments when you “needed” the customer to say yes; the loan to come through; or the promotion to be you...& it didn’t happen?

Episode Notes
this week we’re closing out actor Matthew McConaughey’s book “Greenlights.” (I highly recommend by the way)

Running low on cash, McC…

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“There was a moment before THIS & there will be a moment after THIS,” writes Nina Sossamon-Pogue in her book “This Is Not The End.” (& she’s a #LSU alumni by the way 😉)

THIS moments are those embarrassing moments & brutal setbacks. How do you handle your THIS? Say “I’m fine,” & you’re in denial. …

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You know it’s a good book when only partially through it, you grab the mic and do a podcast episode on what you’ve read so far!

That’s what actor Matthew McConaughey’s book “Greenlights” is for me. (Why the title Greenlights? Well you gotta listen & I’ll tell you 😉)

We pick up in McConaughey’s se…

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You can’t have a back-row mentality & expect front row results.”

Why do people choose the back row? Because it’s safe. Because you’re hidden & you’re able to blend in.

But with the front row...not only do you have to pass EVERY ONE else in order to get to the front row, but you also have to feel …

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Just think. You get to the final round of interviews. The corner office and 6 figure salary are the only thing left to negotiate, but once you tell them that you're a convicted felon, they tell you "We're still considering other candidates."

Be more convinced of what’s ahead & less convicted on wh…

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Lost confidence in yourself and your abilities? It's because you are withdrawing what you deposited.

Today we're riffing out of the book "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz.

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Challenge develops capacity....

In the hardest of moments it seems like you’re maxed out...but that’s because you’ve reached your current “usage..”

...but not your capacity. The world ain’t calling you out...she’s calling you up. 🔝

Stay amazing.

🗣 this one with someone who needs this messag…

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Schools teach you “how” but they don’t reach you “when.” And once you learn a “how” you go on to another “how.”

& you end up living a life of how but not fulfilling a life of “when.”

“When’s” the right time? You’re delaying because you’re waiting for the timing to be just right.

But once it “fe…

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Oct. 15, 2020

October 15, 2020

You’re gonna have down days. Just don’t let them keep you down because down days can be moments of failing or monuments of failure where you point to THE THING that kept you from success.

Or you point to the moment where started becoming a success.

In the down moments you have a critical choice …

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There’s a difference between “usage” and “capacity.” When things get hard, you feel maxed out, but it only feels that way because you’re relating it to your usage...& not your capacity.

You can do more. Challenges come into your life to develop your capacity, not diminish your life.

Subscribe t…

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Today on TSL we welcome Emmy-winning voiceover artist, actress, & motivational speaker Tasia Valenza. If you don’t recognize her face, you’ll recognize her voice. Tasia is renowned for voicing iconic female characters in video games & animated television shows such as the seductress Poison Ivy in t…

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