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You’re going to give 100% today, right? DON’T. Before you give 100% today listen to this.

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“Sales is not a job, it’s a lifestyle,” writes Mark Hunter in his 🔥 book “A Mind For Sales.”

Today on The Sales Life: Sales Edition I’ll pull on that thread to help you evolve your Sales Game.

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“Everyone knows the outcome of David & Goliath but few look at how it began.” Joshua Medcalf.

David didn’t suddenly become DAVID when he met Goliath...he “pounded the stone” 🪨 & was faithful to his process.

Don’t wait for the Goliath moments to spring up in order to jump into action.


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If the % of to fail are higher than the % to succeed, most people take the odds at face value and walk away.

What they don't tell you is someone was on the other side of those odds. Why not you?

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Where do you want to be in Life? What do you want to accomplish. What does success look like TO YOU?


If you stay in the same environments.

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You may or may not have heard the buzz about the social community CLUBHOUSE.

Here are 5 reasons to join today.

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When Draper Kaufman organized the first Navy Demolition Team (which later became the SEALs) he was looking for men who "could make it" vs the men who "can make it."

The "can make its" were the men who fit the bill, but fizzled out.

The "could make its" were the men who bottomed out, yet came out…

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When Van Jones was a kid he asked his dad, "Why do give the poor some money, that way they won't be poor anymore?"

His dad leaned forward in his recliner and said, "That may stop them from being broke for a day or two, but if a man is still poor in his skills, education, and self-esteem & you hand…

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I just joined Clubhouse and love it. Not only does everyone have a seat at the table (no one is superior), but also I can flesh out future content and spawn additional ideas to add to my content.

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The fear of rejection has stolen a lot more from you than actual rejection ever will.

When it comes to rejection, I bet you fear the moment AFTER being told NO.

I’ll show you how to give that rejection a different treatment.

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In his book, "I Can't Make This Up," comedian/actor Kevin Hart wrote that someone can have all of the advantages-good looks, great network, and plenty of resources, yet LIFE CAN STILL DEAL YOU A BAD HAND.

In the face of the reality that LIFE can be cold, harsh, and cruel, what do you do then?


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Salespeople, personal trainers, coaches, & parents are all needed for the “Yea-buts.”

The “Yea-buts” are the moments between seeing and doing. For instance, say you’re putting together a swing set for your kid. You have all of the pieces along with the directions, but the pieces are fitting togeth…

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Many people's advice to being successful is to "just be yourself." But how do you be yourself if you don't know nor like yourself?

Instead ask yourself, "Who do I choose to be?"

Today you have the choice to be the person you've been or you can choose to be someone different. Your choice 😉

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"Don't try to guess the teacher's password," is a phrase that stuck with Joshua Kaufman. On "The Learning Leader Podcast," he told Ryan Hawk that his son's attention span wasn't where he wanted it to be because he hadn't developed the skills of: Focusing, Paying attention, & (my favorite) Figuring …

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Everything & everyone is material for you. I used to think I had to take some time off and seclude myself in a cabin on the mountain in order to get fresh material.

Not so if you look at everything as material. I’m always looking and listening to see how I can apply it to my Sales Life.

Here’s a…

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People often ask me if I’m scared I’m going to run out of material for The Sales Life Podcast? After 610 episodes I’m still FULL OF MATERIAL!

In today’s episode I’ll show where I get my material & how I capture it.

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Ever been to one of those FAKE western towns? It all looks real until you go beyond what it looks like only to find it was all a front.

That’s the difference between imitation and emulation!

Full video

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What’s the difference between imitation and emulation?

Imitation is buying the suit, watch, and shoes and looking like you’re a success.

Emulation is being a success. Just because I buy a lab 🥼 coat it doesn’t make me a doctor. I just look like one, but if your life is in my hands, dude I can’t s…

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Life is lived in 4 directions.

Front: What’s ahead?

Up: Look for mentors who are where you want to be.

Down: Haters are necessary

BACK: Yes to move forward you must look back to see how far you’ve come.

Ever watched something in TV simply because you were too lazy to get up and change the c…

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Green is a term for rookie salespeople, but it’s also the color of professional salespeople as well. 

To attract more green 💰 you must stay green. In his book “The Bonus Round,” Patrick Tinney offers 7 ways to keep your sales career green.

“When you green you grow, when you’re not you rot.”

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A key to your success is to be both durable and flexible. It’s not enough to be either or.

You need to be durable- be able to have your ass handed to you yet willing to come back at it and adjust along the way.

But flexibility alone isn’t enough either. It’s good that you’re nimble but you can’t…

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Don’t get trapped into going to college if you don’t factor in the COST to go to college.

It’s not the price. It’s the cost.

The Sales Life Podcast https://the-sales-life-with-marsh-buice.simplecast.com/

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You can’t seize what you don’t see. Want an advantage? You’ve got one. It’s called opportunities.

And most can’t see it.

The guy who “has it all” can’t see it because he’s complacent.

The one who has little can’t see it either because al they talk about is lack.

The Sales Life Podcast https://…

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Tired of setting goals only to give up on them a month later-settling back into “it is what it is” land?

You vow, “Maybe next year 🤦‍♂️.”

Goals can feel like you’re building a monument & what you need is MOMENTUM.

Today I’ll show you how to build Big Mo

THANK YOU so much for watching. I…

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