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It only takes you a split second to talk all about the "do-wrongs" in your Sales Life, but do you recognize your "Do-wells?" Dr. Jason Selk author of the book "Relentless Solution Focus" (RSF) writes that a part of mental toughness is learning to force yourself to recognize your "do-wells." He even…

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When did it happen? Do you remember what day it was....or what it even was? There was a time you were a boss, beast, and certified bad-ass...but today your life is just bad. It all seems wrong, doesn't it? "All" being the operative word.

In his book, "Relentless Solution Focus," Dr. Jason Selk wr…

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Suneel Gupta, author of the book “Backable. The surprising truth behind what makes people take a chance on you,” said on Ryan Hawk’s Learning Leader Podcast, “A jazz musician one told me that when he goes onstage, he goes up with confidence. He has confidence not that everything will go right, but …

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Richard Fenton, Co-Author of the book “Go For No” said on a recent interview, “Your comfort zone never stays the same, it’s either shrinking or expanding.”

A quick test for you today is to ask yourself the question, “Am I shrinking or expanding?” Don’t think for one minute that it’ll stay the s…

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April 20, 2021

Your gain is in your gaps

“Going onto a movie set is like something you’ve never seen,” said Jay Shetty to his good friend & actor Will Smith. “It’s pressure packed with so many moving parts. Everyone has to be in position, remember their lines, & get the shot before the sun goes down.”

“I knew you were committed to per…

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They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear, but they never anything about when a teacher should become the student again.

In 23 years of selling, I’d had bad months, but never finished dead last 2 months in a row. I did everything I knew to do. I didn’t blame or voice my frustrat…

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I hate the phrase, “It is what it is,” because it seems so accepting...as if things are beyond your control and doing.

But maybe I was wrong...

Michael J. Fox has been coping with Parkinson’s for over 30 years. How does he cope with falling down often; when he can’t push the buttons on his p…

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Sometimes you’ve gotta ride the pine to earn the podium. In your quest for success, are you willing to ride the bench?

Meaning that you walk in wanting to be a starter, yet you’re no where close to getting your shot. What will you do then?

Full live episode 👉

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You may be blocking your own success because you don’t know what to do with your ego.

There are conflicting messages about your ego. Some people tell you to get rid of it...while others tell you to let it rise ⬆️.

Today I’ll break your ego down & tell you what to keep & how to dominate.

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If I were to ask you what a King Kong month or goal for you is, how would you answer it without thinking?

If I then asked you why haven’t you achieved it, without breathing or blinking, I’d bet you could give me 99 things blocking you.

Dr. Ellen Reed co-author of “Relentless Solution Focus.…

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“OMG I have to start over!” can feel helpless. You put your ALL (& then some) & now you have to start all over...

Or do you? You may be starting again, but you’re not starting from scratch.

Here are ways that you can leverage your past to catapult you forward.

#TheSalesLife #podcast #care…

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Momentum is sneaky. You don’t know when it’s going to kick in and by the time you’ve realized you’ve lost it, it’s too late.

Here are 5 ways to spot momentum slips so they don’t cost you BIG TIME later.

🗣 ADD TO THE LIST! What are other ways that you can spot momentum slips? Leave them in th…

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If you’re trying out for the team; starting out in sales; just got your business or real estate license, or starting a creative such as a blog, podcast, or vlog ....

In your quest for success, are you willing to ride the bench?

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No you haven't lost your touch. Yes you've still got it! No, your lucky pen was not the reason why you were successful.

You may have trouble telling others how you WIN...but it only takes you a millisecond to think of reasons why you are losing.

In my 23 years of selling, I've had MANY losing s…

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Comedian Kevin Hart has made a career out of "taking the bullets out of the gun." He controls the narrative by taking what they audience is thinking about him and incorporating it into his routine.

Today I'm going to show you how to take Hart's art and make it a masterpiece in your sales career.

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I’ve said it & I actually I live by it, but “DO” is not enough. Today I’ll explore how your “Do” could be sabotaging your success.

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The Sales Li…

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I always say, “Act. Think. Feel.” In that order but I want to tweak that thanks to author of “BrandAbility” Nick Connor.

Feelings come FIRST closely follow by your actions. If you’re just starting out or pushing off in a new direction get specialized in your feelings.

Many thanks to Rich Ca…

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What do you do after you achieve success? When you’ve lost the weight, have no debt, thousands in the bank, or your platform is blowing up?

How do you keep your fires stoked?

❤️ to hear from you! Please leave your comments or additions.

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It’s a good thing that what you do in the dark WILL COME TO LIGHT for you.

Love your comments and additions

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“I was at the right place at the right time,” wasn’t where it started, it’s where it ended.

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How many times have you vowed to lose 20 lbs, get out of debt, or double your sales, only to quit?

Today, I want you to start with being average, then raise the bar.

NOTE: Check out Rich Cardona's Podcast "The Leadership Locker." His conversation with Lauren Johnson gave me the inspiration for t…

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Great salespeople PUSH.

Don’t be a pushy, but you must push yourself to push your customers to see possibilities that they did not know were available.

I’ll help you learn the craft of pushing without coming across pushy.

Thank you for watching. If you found value hit the LIKE. If you want more…

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Apparently your sales manager has his favorite salespeople and you’re not one of them!

What do you do when your sales manager won’t help make that small concession to make your deal?

🗣 What do you do when you’re frustrated 😡 & have to turn and talk to your customer?

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What’s an idea that’s not your own yet you’ll run with today?

Jason Harris made a post on LinkedIn about many famous people who get the credit for a product yet they weren’t the ones who invented it.

Steve Jobs didn’t invent the iPod, but he gets the credit for it. Why? Because he executed…

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