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Dec. 8, 2017

Find your corners

Recently when I went jogging I hit the road and walked right into a stiff headwind...a cold front was pushing through--my eyes burned-my earbuds kept blowing out...I wanted to quit...but as I kept going I found new corners an...

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Dec. 7, 2017

Maybe you're a casket maker

Sometimes instead of having "Manager," "CEO," or "Director Of anything" on our business card...sometimes mine should've read Casket Maker bc I killed the hopes and dreams of those who worked for me. Today's episode deals with...

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Dec. 6, 2017

Go through to get through

Mrs Broussard is one of my favorite customers--we always talk-real talk and one day she opened up telling me how she'd lost her mom, dad, & 3 other close family members in only 18 months. Today's episode is a real …

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Nov. 30, 2017

Running out of try's

Finally arriving on the grand stage- famous & rich, Steve Martin called his summit of success "the loneliest time of my life." Today's episode continues the comedian's journey as told in his book "Born Standing Up." A candid,...

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Nov. 29, 2017

You is unbombable

Continuing on in Steve Martin's book "Born Standing Up" now that he'd removed the jokes from his act, Martin had a rule- "Never let the audience know I was bombing...& make them believe I'm fantastic..." His confidence grew t...

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Nov. 28, 2017

Why you tense though?

We continue chopping up comedian Steve Martin's book "Born Standing Up." Yesterday's episode dealt with the 75/25 % (or 80/20) principle that it takes three quarters effort/refinement to achieve 25% massive success (if done ...

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Nov. 27, 2017


This week is a book dive .....(Hat tip to listener Dave who gave me the suggestion) ....Today we dive into comedian/actor Steve Martin's incredible book "Born Standing Up" The book started like this (that's how I knew it was ...

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Nov. 26, 2017

When I say "Re" you say "Cap"

Well we made it! Being each episode is 5 min, here's your 5 min of 5 min- a recap of what we talked about this week plus what I'm reading now and the book I'll be talking about next week.----Thanks …

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Nov. 25, 2017

Cause oriented vs task minded

I recently read a book called the Adversity Advantage (by Paul Stolz & Erik Weihenmayer)..& in the book they said, "People show up for a task, but engage fully in a cause." Today's episode challenges the fact that we're focus...

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Nov. 24, 2017

Persistently Listening

A customer came in wanting a specific SUV- a certain color, equipment, & and wanted to have it paid off when she retired in 3 years. Based on her wants, it was mathematically impossible...nearly a week later- literally on her...

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Nov. 23, 2017

Burned beyond acceptance

As told on the Team Never Quit Podcast, U.S. Army Ranger Sergeant Michael Schlitz lost both hands and was burned over 85% of his body. While at a conference, he was talking to a lady who was burned at the …

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Nov. 22, 2017


As I walked in from work my daughter asked me, "Did you hear what happened?" I hadn't watched the news-she doesn't either, it wasn't a holiday or special occasion, so I didn't know "What happened.." come to find out the …

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Nov. 21, 2017

Wrong otw to being right

Reading Ray Dalio's book "Principles" (a must read by the way), he encourages failure- of himself and of his people at Bridgewater. "If you don't mind being wrong on the way to being right, you'll learn a lot & you'll …

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Nov. 20, 2017

Sticks & Stones

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!"....that's a lie. We can recover from tears, strains,& breaks ...but ill spoken words can kill us...they kill our dreams, hopes, & our aspirations. It takes...

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Nov. 19, 2017

Reeecap! of this week's shows

Well you made it to the end of "anudder" week. Here's quick recap of this week's shows - an a la cart version of which episodes you want to pop in on. (All of 'em 😉) 👉👉Thanks for subscribing, sharing, …

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Nov. 18, 2017

Focus on the points not wins

Wally Green was a former gang member turned champion ping pong player. On paper he was at a disadvantage bc Wally started competing at age 19 whereas his competitors had been playing since they were 3 years old. In order …

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Nov. 17, 2017

WFIO moments

You may have never heard of Blake Mycoskie, but you've probably heard of his shoe company..TOMS shoes..they're the company where you buy a pair of shoes today and they'll give a pair to a child in need tomorrow. He was …

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