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Oct. 24, 2021

When your 'A-game' is missing, you better have a B & C game.

When your 'A-game' is missing, you better have a B & C game.

I wish I could bring my A-game every day, but some days it is just not there for me.

I could get frustrated, bring no game, and chalk the day up as just not my day, or I  could bring my B or C game instead.

Here's a breakdown of your A, B, & C-games. 

A-game days = Flow. These days it's like I don't even have to think. Everything seems to click into place, and I get results without even trying. These are the days I feel unstoppable...but they don't last forever :(

B-game days= Lean. These are the days when I'm just a little off-not too bad, but not quite in sync. When things seem amiss, I've got to be careful not to blame or not care.  Blaming others and shrugging off the moment are momentum killers. 

Everything counts. On my B-game days, I have to adjust and lean heavily on my processes and stay strict in my mechanics; otherwise, I'll emotionally spiral out of control. 

Even when it's my day in the barrel, I've got to bring some game instead of no game at all and focus on the processes, not the results. 

Athletes playing 80-100 game seasons know that they can't be in the zone every night, so the nights when their game is off, they adjust and lean to their processes until their rhythm flows again.

C-game days = Push. These are those days that are loaded-when I say loaded, and I mean loaded with the "Don't Want's." 

I hate these days because not only do I not want to do anything, but I get pissed off because I didn't do anything, which makes my situation even worse!

My C-game days are the days I have to force the action. Even if I suck, at least I didn't scratch.

B & C game days are the most critical pieces to your growth because they are momentum bridges. I mustn't break the pipe and stop the flow of momentum.  If I can keep the channel open, I can at least be in a position for success.

NOTE: On your & C days, do not have a conversation with yourself. No negotiating, do; otherwise, you'll talk yourself right out of it.

Never settle. Keep selling your way through life, NO MATTER WHAT.

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