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April 25, 2020

#480 When “A’s” not there...bring your B & C game

#480 When “A’s” not there...bring your B & C game
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As much as we’d love to bring our A game some days it’s just not there & out of frustration we bring no game reading that “it’s just not my day.” On those days bring your B & C games that way you don’t “break the pipe.” 🔥Share this episode with someone who needs to hear it. 💪 PS this podcast was recorded live on Facebook so you’ll hear a few shoutouts. 🗣Join in & comment so I can shout you out. 📱 I’m @marshbuice on IG, Twitter, LinkedIn & subscribe to The Sales Life on YouTube (nearly 300 vids) or you can hit the message button right there in the show notes.

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