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April 5, 2022

If You Don't Show Up Neither Will Success.

If You Don't Show Up Neither Will Success.
Just because the motivation doesn't show up doesn't mean I shouldn't either.
Here's how I punch at my goals every day, even when I'm not feeling it using the power of PBE: Positive Benefits Every day. 

Your relationships, career, and dreams all require PBE. Positive Benefits Every day.

Most people wait until they're shipwrecked in life by getting fired or diagnosed with something life-threatening before taking control of their life.
Fractional success compounded over time is a result of PBE. 
PBE doesn't wait. If you're waiting for motivation to show up, you'll find yourself overweight, underpaid, and underwhelmed in life.
I have to write every day. I don't wake up every day screaming, "Yippie!" either. There are days I don't want to, but I force the action anyway. Sometimes the motivation kicks in & I end up with 5 pages, but other days, ole' moto never showed, but I got it done anyway.
PBE can be applied to every area of your life because on the days you have the "don't wants," you're allowed to dial it in.
Here's a few ways how:
Working out: Ain't feeling the 45 minutes? Show up for 15 minutes.
Need to make sales calls? Set your timer for 10 minutes and bang 'em out.
Don't want to clean the whole house? Load the dishwasher.
Too tired to watch a movie with your daughter? Play a round of Uno.

When the commitment seems too long, water it down just to get started.

Once you get started, you'll either increase the time due to increased motivation or you'll stop the timer and walk away.

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