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April 4, 2022

687. MOTIVATION ain't coming! | Practice PBE: Positive Benefits Everyday

687. MOTIVATION ain't coming! | Practice PBE: Positive Benefits Everyday

It's easier to act your way into a feeling than feel your way into an action. Today you'll learn how to do even when you ain't feeling it. I even give you permission to dial it in :)

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Just like a PB and J good old PB and J we'll fill you up. Uh, PBE will be the spark is going to blow you up. What in the world is PBE we know a PB and J is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but marsh, what is a PBE? Well, stick around. I'm gonna let you know what that is. Welcome to another edition of the self. I'm your host marsh, BICE, and a PBE is a positive benefit every day. So when it comes to your health, when it comes to wellness, when it comes to your relationships, when it comes to your career, when it comes to your trains, all of those require. Uh, PB positive benefits every day. And let me tell you what most people do. Most people wait, they're waiting for the motivation to show up. We procrastinate by waiting for a theme for a moment. And if those moments arise, Then we'll do something. So a moment could be I'm going to really kick it in man. Come the first month. Many times people say, well, I'm going to wait till the end of the year. I'll wait till the first of the year. See we're waiting on these moments or maybe you're waiting for the doctor to tell you that if you don't change your lifestyle, you're going to be dead in two years. , oh, I better do something now. See, that's what most people do. They're waiting for the motivation. It's a negative kind of motivation, but they're waiting for life to force them to do something. And then they're going to go ahead and. PBE don't wait. Positive benefits every day. You don't wait. You do, because waiting for the motivation, bro is going to screw you every single time. And you're going to find yourself overweight, underpaid, and underwhelmed with your entire life. So, let me tell you what I do. One of my values is to express my creativity every day and expressing my creativity every day, it could come in the form of video. It could come in the form of the podcast, but it always originates from. A legal pad and behind me down here on the floor, and I have a huge, you know, one of those, uh, crates that you move with or those Tupperware things, not the little small ones. I have one that's like, yay, big. And it's full of these yellow pads because keep in mind, I've been doing the sales life since October 3rd, 2017. So one of my values is expressing my creativity everyday. If I don't do it, I'm super, super moody. So I have to practice writing every single day. But here's the thing. It's not that every day I wake up and I say, oh, yummy. I get to write today. It's not that at all. Some days, man, I'm not feeling. But practicing the PBE the positive benefits every day I force myself to write. , because I forced myself to write mysteriously, man, the motivation kicks in. See you don't wait for motivation to show up. You force your action. And the motivation is going to kick in. And sometimes man, that could be 30 minutes and sometimes it could be repeatedly every single day. It may take you a few days. Sometimes it could take you half the day, but practicing the positive benefits every day. Think about it. If you're not feeling it and you say, man, I'm not feeling it. And so you just pull back and you don't do anything at all. What happens, it makes the situation worse, but if you practice forcing the action, positive benefits every day, many times, man, I'll get halfway through the page or on my second page. And I'm just writing words. I don't even know what I'm going to go with and I just write, write, write, and then all of a sudden, bam, it kicks in and all of a sudden it's that one spark and it takes off. And I've got a great idea. As positive benefits every day, athletes know this world-class anybody who's world-class world-class entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, every single one of them practices PBE it's not what they're motivated to do. They're not always feeling it. You think they wake up or they make millions of dollars? Yes. They make millions of dollars, but you could make millions of dollars too. So don't, don't cast the stone on them. So you don't get. And you don't get the Malians and then you become the character. No, you practice being a millionaire and the Malians will show up. So athletes know this entrepreneurs know this, practicing the benefits every single day. It's not that they're motivated every day is not what they're motivated to do, but it's what they're motivated to be. And see when you practice the benefits every day, I'm not motivated. I don't feel it, but I do want to become someone else. So the PB, anywhere in your life today, you could practice the PB. You want to smash that seafood platter. Is it a PB? Does it bring a positive benefit? Does it change my whole situation for the good, because I've been trying to eat better positive benefit every day. If it's not a PB, you walk away from it. And the beautiful thing about a PB is there's no like set time limit or anything like that. You just, you just do it, you do the action and the motivation's going to actually kick in. So this is the moment when I tell you. That you have permission to dial it in? Yes. You can dial it in because you're waiting for the motivation to show up. It's not going to happen. So what I'll do is I'm going to force the action. I'm going to dial it in, waiting for the motivation to kick in. So. You lower the bar intentionally, you lighten the load intentionally, but you still take the action in your careers, , in your, , in your creatives and you're working out and you're eating whatever it is, whatever it is, you got to practice the PB. So you lower the bar and you dial it in. So what does this mean when you get on the Trek? Instead of running on the treadmill, not feeling it. Okay. Walk 30 minutes on the treadmill. Cool. Do it. Um, I don't feel like get in front of customers today. I got my ass handed to me yesterday. I'm just not feeling it. Okay. Well, if you're waiting for the motivation to kick in it, ain't never going to kick in and you're going to find yourself overweight, underpaid, and underwhelmed in life. So I'm going to punch at it when you punch at it positive benefits. I just punch at it. So I'm going to get in front of a customer anyway. I'm not feeling it, but I'm going to dial it in. I'm going to hit the processes. I'm going to make those phone calls. See I'm going to do these things, even though I'm not feeling it. I still practice the benefits, positive benefits every day. And what you'll find is when you develop this rhythm, it's going to develop the consistency and with develop consistency. That consistency has no choice, but to bring you results. If you find yourself in a bad area, that's consistency, you've just developed the wrong kind of consistency. So there's power in your first reach. So you've been doing things repeatedly over and over again, but they did not bring you positive benefits every day. They bought J and B NBE negative benefit every day. So whether you're feeling it or not, you don't want. For the feelings to show up, you show up, you do, and the motivation's going, gonna kick in. Let me know how you progress is going. With that remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sell you on you because you're more than enough.