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Feb. 16, 2022

Be FAKE! | TSL Never Settle Keep Selling Newsletter

Be FAKE!  | TSL Never Settle Keep Selling Newsletter

Alright, TSL, let's get it! Here's a quick recap of this week's episode and links to a few videos that I have posted. 

PLUS: BIG News at the end 🤫

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Episode 678 Is all about FAKING it. That's right; I give you permission to fake it because there will be days when you aren't feeling it. 

There are two fake-it mindsets. Fake it till you find it, or fake it till you finish it. 

Fake it till you find it is those days when you push off and catch fire along the way. You started off worst but ended up best. Learn about my "push off" and "one page" days here. 

Fake it till you finish it are the days when you never find the rhythm, yet you checked the box. It may have been ragged, but it damn sure is done. I've had 12-minute miles and put out shitty podcasts. Let me tell you.

What is your fake it day today? Please leave me a message! Go to www.thesaleslife.me, and in the bottom right is a mic 🎙 from you to me. 

This week's TSL quote: 

"Fake it days are the most important days of your life because you had a choice to call in, double up another day, or excuse it all away, yet you pushed through."

Here are a few videos I posted this week on the "Mr. Sales Life" Youtube Channel. 

Failing and Failure are NOT the same. 

The time I quit a sure-paying job to get into sales. 


Why you need to be a GOAT in your field.


And if you've gotten this far down the page, I have BIG news! The Sales Life's first book is coming out this year! So many people have asked about when my book is coming out, and I am proud to say that it is on the way! Stay tuned for more!

That's it, and that's all! Next week's episode, "Nobody knows anything." A riff from the book "That'll Never Work," written by Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix. 

Remember, the greatest sale you'll ever make is to sell you on you. Never settle. Keep selling your way through Life no matter what.