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Feb. 13, 2022

678. FAKE IT! Till You Find It Or Finish It.

678. FAKE IT! Till You Find It Or Finish It.

Fake it days are the most important days in your life because you had the choice to turn back, double up tomorrow, or excuse it all away, yet you pushed through.

Fake it till you find it are those days when you have the don't wants, yet you push off and catch fire along the way.

But there will be days where you never catch fire. Those are your fake it till you finish it days. Your emotions were screaming at you the whole way, and your best was nowhere to be found, but it's still a win because you finished it.

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The greatest sale you will ever make is to sell you on you. You're more than enough. Never settle. Keep Selling. 


All right. TSL nation. Let's get it. Two ways. Faking. It will make you successful. This is The Sales Life I'm your host Marsh Buice and you know, I've been in sales for going on 24 years, but I've been selling my whole life. The number one skill that you need in life is your ability to sell, selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, everything is selling. Everything that you've achieved in life is because you sold your way there. And everything that you haven't achieved in life is because you settled in stop selling. Now, I'm going to show you how to take the professional skills of sales and apply those to every area of your life. So if you want to have more, do more, be more than say no more. Let's get on with today's episode, episode 6, 78. And it's all about faking it. And sometimes man, you got to fake it. You got to fake it till you find it or fake it till you finish it, fake it till you find it are those days when you got the Don't wants... I mean, you don't want to do anything other than just lay up. & watching Netflix. yet you push yourself to do the work anyway, you knuckle up, you're putting forth the effort yet you got no emotion to it, but somewhere along the way, you catch a rhythm, a wave, a spark, and you come to life. You may have started off all creaky and janky. Something just kicks in and you're like, okay. All right. And you end up on a positive note, check the box. For me when I fake it until I find it, that means some days like the push-off for running. Oh, the push off is the worst so I'm pushing off the first half mile is just, oh, I just want to turn back. But when I fake it till I find it the last four and a half miles buttery smooth. It's like, I'm just like I'm surfing down the road. See it kicked in. And some days, man, I have to sit down uh, force myself to write at least one page. And I sit there. I'm like, I don't know what to write about yesterday was tough and I ain't feeling it one page marsh. So start writing a force myself to that one page and then number writing five. Fake it till you find it is where I'll set a timer for 30 minutes to read. I don't even know what I'm reading. these words aren't even digesting. yet I look up and it's three hours later. If you're in sales, fake it till you find it is where you set a one hour call block. You're not feeling it yet. You start the timer. The first 30 said no, but the last three said yes. And those last three, well, more than compensate for the 30 nos. See you faked it and found fire along the way, but there are going to be days when you fake it and you never find. Well, those are the days that you got to fake it until you finish it. These are those days where you're emotionally kicking and screaming the whole damn way. I mean, you're almost in tears and you don't turn back you force yourself to finish. Anyway, I call these days, character building days. And let me tell you something, man, fake a days are the most important days of your life because you had a choice. You always have a choice. And on those fake a days you had the choice, or you could have called in, are doubled up tomorrow. Our excuse, that all the way yeah. You pushed through, and this is what builds emotional resilience. This is what builds discipline. This is how you begin to change the narrative, the narrative of what's going on right here in your head. And you begin to change that narrative, the dialogue that's going on, and it goes from failure to finish. This is where you prove to yourself, what you're capable of, and you do hard things in preparation for harder days ahead. Because this may be the hardest it's ever been, but it's not the hardest it'll ever be Fake it days are where you learn all about commitment, commitment to yourself. How many promises have you broken? These fake it days, fake it till you find it or fake it till you finish it. You kept your word. You kept your commitment to yourself. And when you can keep a commitment to yourself then you can start keeping commitments to others as well. Dude, let me tell you something. I've run 12 minute miles I've had 0-11 weeks in sales. I've recorded shitty podcast episodes, but I finished every damn one of them. I didn't cave to my feelings Even though those days, weren't pretty, I laid the brick and because I laid that brick tomorrow, I can lay another brick on top of that. That's how you build your wall of success. It's easier to act your way into a feeling than feel your way into an action act. Think, feel in that order. Always remember that ATF act, think, feel feelings always come after the actions and sometimes those feelings are going to catch up and kick in. And other days, those feelings are going to push against you the whole way. yet you won and your feelings. Didn't. What kind of fake it day are you having today? Fake it till you find it or fake it till you finish it either way. It's a win I'm pulling for you. Let me know how your progress is going. Go to marshbuice.com and in the bottom, right. Is a mic from you to me, let me know how you progress is going. What I can do to help while you're there check out thousands of free resources and learning how to never settle and sell your way through life. There's blogs videos. And of course, podcast episodes. Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sell you on you because you're more than enough. Never settle, keep selling, stay in the The Sales Life.