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Dec. 24, 2021

The boos aren't for you.

The boos aren't for you.

"Why are people so quick to criticize the one who fails," asked Brian Sexton to his guest, former heavy-weight boxer Ed Latimore? 

"People criticize as a way of being part of the conversation. Criticism is low-hanging fruit. Because the one who is criticizing is never going to do anything great, it's just a way for them to gain access to the one who is willing to put themselves on the line in front of the world."

Criticism is the tax that you pay on success. The more successful you are, the more tax you have to pay. ~ Chris Bosch NBA Champion

As it relates to your work, people are going to either:

1. Align

2. Attack

3. Be indifferent

Some people will pay your work no mind. They have no dog in the fight, so they have nothing to say. 

Others will align with your work. They rock with your content and use it as a way of improving in their own right.  

But there will be others who will attack your work. They're quick to dis you and your art. Here's a hint.

People don't hate what you are, they hate what they are not. 

I remembered years ago, the minute I would publish a blog, a guy would disagree and call me out on any misspelling and fragmented sentences. Instead of getting mad at him, I thanked him for reading and replied, "I'm looking forward to reading what you publish."

That's just it. He never published anything. 

Criticism is easy. Creating is hard. 

There's a level of vulnerability in putting your work out into the universe, but strangely there's a degree of confidence to it too because you had a choice to hide or hit send, and you publish for all to see. I feel a sense of accomplishment and an inner yearning to do more when I do. 

People will have something to say if you're doing anything worth talking about. Most will be good; some will be bad. The comments that sting your soul find the strands you can use and discard the rest because it's not for you. It's for them because it's the only way they can be a part of what you're DOING. 

Never settle. Keep selling your way through life. No matter what. 

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