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Dec. 28, 2021

Today's headlines will be tomorrow's punchlines.

Today's headlines will be tomorrow's punchlines.

I only had enough money to buy a $1 pack tuna and a bag of spinach...

I had a rent house with no stove or fridge.

I knew the repo man by name (Rodney, if you're wondering.).

Working four jobs, I fell asleep on air working the night shift as a radio DJ (my on-air name was Robert West, by the way.)

There were many months that I would leave the front porch light on as I left for work in the morning as a signal to see if they'd cut my lights off when I came home at night. 

Bouncing from one place to the next, every payday loan company in town knew me by name. 

I've had my wages garnished & I've been reduced to a docket number in bankruptcy court. 

My life has been so dark that I've come within inches of making it permanent. 

But I'm still here. 

And so are you. 

Think back to your struggles. Standing at ground zero, it was all you could think and talk about, but today you retell the stories with laughter and the people you tell the story to shake their head, wondering how in the hell you made it through. 

When you're at the bottom of the barrel, always remember, 

Today's headlines will be tomorrow’s punchline.

The painful headlines are formative because they caused a stir in you.  Maybe it took many headlines for you to dig in finally, but you eventually got it.

Be grateful that you can look back and laugh today. 

You could probably fill in the blank, "Had this (fill in the blank) not happened, I would not be where I am today. 

In the moment, it looked like a disaster, but in reality, it ended up being a blessing. 

But that's hindsight. 

Maybe you're in your headlines right now. Disaster overshadows everything right now, but it will shrink as you move forward.

One day it'll be a punchline.

With tears in the creases of your eyes, you'll laugh and be able to relate it to others who are in their headline right now. 

I'm pulling for you. 

Never settle. Keep selling your way through life no matter what. 

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