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Jan. 1, 2022

The opposite of success isn't failure, it's boredom.

The opposite of success isn't failure, it's boredom.

The opposite of success isn't failure; it's boredom. 

Think about that.

Who doesn't want to succeed, but then what? Once you cross the finish line you've envisioned in your head, what will you do then?

If you're not taking an F in life, you'll end up atrophied and broke. 

Failing sixth grade ain't good. Failing in life is essential. 

Failure makes you come alive. 

It rattles you.

It challenges you. 

Failure agitates you and pisses you off. 

vs. "Success."

Unchecked success can make you complacent because it gives you a false sense of "arrived."

You become a know-it-all and stop asking questions because you feel you already know the answers. 

You once took on a vast, unlimited world with endless possibilities. Today you've shrunk into only going for a sure thing, and you're getting lapped in the process. 

Don't let success get too significant in your life because it's fleeting. Let success instead be a signal to raise up the stakes and go after something that is not guaranteed to work.

As a benefit (not consequence), you'll probably fail, which will provoke and piss you off to come back at it again and again until you succeed.

Then you raise the bar and do it over again :)

I'm pulling for you. Remember, the greatest sale you'll ever make is to sell you on you. 

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