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Dec. 6, 2021

Something's gotta give! | Give and don't give up.

Something's gotta give! | Give and don't give up.

You've probably said, "Something's gotta give!" a time or 10. And it seems like the minute you say those words, life piles more on top of you. 

It's almost comical-you're like, "Come on, man!" 

When you say, "Something's gotta give," it's essential to give but don't give up. 

Most people quit right after they say those words. 

Give, give, give, give give. 

Keep giving. Your mind will mess with you because what you're doing is counterintuitive to what you're feeling. The internal voices will scream at you to "Give up!" "Go back!" "It's not for you!" "You won't succeed!"

Keep giving anyway because your effort has not yet reached a tipping point to see the results. You have to think of it as if your efforts are still baking in life's oven. It looks done, but inside it's half-baked. 

Give. Assess. Tweak. Go. (Rinse and repeat)

You are guaranteed to succeed. It may not be the way that you expected, nor from where you expected, but if you will bring your very best at the moment (whatever that best is in the moment. Listen to episode 401 Tom Peters, "Excellence is the next 5 minutes.") you're 90, 30, 60 days from your breakthrough. 

You're always 60 days from a breakthrough. You don't know which 60 days it's going to be. 

Here's the twist. 

If you get to a point where you give and either fail or the results are less than desirable, you've merely reached a connection point. 

Connection points look like you've failed, but they're actually setting you up for further success. That point of "failure" is where you're picking up new relationships, skills, & ideas to soldier to new, higher levels. 

Things will change if you don't. Keep giving. The results can't show if you're not there. Like a car giveaway, "You must be present to win." How long can you keep your hand on the hood? In the same way, life is asking, "How long can you keep your hand on the focus and effort to see your results?

I'm pulling for you. Remember the greatest sale you will ever make is to sell you on you. Never settle. Keep selling your way through life. 

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