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Sept. 30, 2021

Losing IS The Reason You'll Win Again

"You are not defeated when you lose. You are defeated when you quit." ~Paulo Coelho 🧵
5 ways LOSING is a key source of your success.
(Drumroll please)
1. Losing shows a need for growth. Expect to win. Welcome the loss. Sounds crazy, but if you won every time you competed: A) It'd get stale real fast (a great story in this week's #podcast) & B) There'd be no need to level up. Someone lapping you is one way to raise your game.
2. Losing creates deficits. You need the +/-. Winning makes you comfortable & is like an odorless gas that lulls you to the poor house. Losing creates the agitation needed to analyze your techniques and draw down on the basics. (It's always about the basics.)
3. Losing looks within. Sure you can blame or you can take ownership in what YOU can do to win again. (W.I.N. stands for What Is Necessary.) Swallow the pill. Look in the mirror and own that sh*t.
4. Losing forges your faith. Where winning creates confidence, faith forces you to do the work with no guarantee of success. "The struggle is guaranteed; success is not." ~TomBilyeu
In an ironic twist, you must practice faith in order to achieve confidence. 🤔
(Que up the outro music)
5. Losing humbles you. Ouuu nothing like getting kicked in the teeth from time to time. The losses let you know you're not quite as good as you think you are.
YES. I'm glad you asked. You can learn more right here on The Sales Life. 👉https://youtu.be/-uQF71my-D8