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Brian Chesky had the worst-best idea for a business ever. Imagine that you can rent your room or a whole furnished house to strangers and make money. You know it as Airbnb today, but 10 years ago, it sounded ludicrous.

Chesky and his team poured everything they had into keeping Airbnb alive and it looked like it paid off. Airbnb was set to go public with a $40 BILLION valuation...and then the pandemic hit.

80% of Airbnb's business was wiped out and Chesky wasn't sure if they'd even be around for the other 20%.

Chesky pulled his company from the flames of defeat using these 4 rules. He didn't come up with these rules from a textbook, he developed them from having to go through other crises beforehand.

I haven't always handled myself well in crises, but with each crisis that I faced, I got a little bit better.

Hear Chesky's full interview on Episode 566 of The Jordan Harbinger Show.

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