Handle adversity. Embrace uncertainty. Never settle.

What kinds of conversations are you having? Growth or Gossip?

I want to have conversations with people who just read a game changing book or listened to a mind blowing interview.

Homeboy hangout has a time and place 🤏, but I don’t have time to waste on conversations that won’t help me elevate.

What you know sets up “who you know.” That’s the topic of episode 764 of @thesaleslifepodcast. Don’t be unprepared when you meet someone you aspire to be like. Work on “what you know” now so when the Universe aligns you with the right people who can help take you to the next level, you show you’re qualified to be there.

Not in sales? Think again!

Selling is getting someone to accept your product, service, or idea. You are the product. You are the service & you’re selling your ideas 💡 for a bigger, better Life. That makes you a salesperson.

Learn the #1 Life skill to handle, adversity, embrace uncertainty, and never settle again. Learn how to sell your way through life, no matter what.

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