Handle adversity. Embrace uncertainty. Never settle.

🪜 Remember your freshman year in high school? Months ago you were the stud of Junior High now you’re a dud & having to start all over. New people. New processes and you had to figure it all out (again).

I use this analogy to depict why people don’t throw their hat 🧢 into the promotion ring because if they got promoted, all of their insecurities & vulnerabilities are exposed so they choose to stay with a sure thing instead of stepping up into uncertainty.

If you’re playing it “safe” you’re putting yourself at huge risk by limiting your options. Take the leap.

But if you’re one who said “F’it” and jumped out there only to find it’s harder than you realized. Good! You’re right where you need yo be. Keep going and you’ll be 🦅 soon.

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