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Where were you in 2009? At the height of the financial crises, a company's stock price valued at $60/share sunk to less than $1. In a panic, many people liquidated their stocks and PERMANENTLY locked in their losses.

If they'd stayed in, they would've seen exponential gains when the market roared back to life, and if those who owned shares continued to invest-even fractionally, they would've become wealthy.

This episode isn't about investing in the market; it's about investing in you. No matter what is going on in your life, never stop investing and never cash out.

Using my life as an example, I'll show you how I never stopped investing in myself even when I was suicidal, demoted, and had only $11.18 in my checking account.

Hat tip to Tony Robbins' big ass book, "Money Master The Game," for the inspiration.

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