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Aug. 16, 2022

TSL Short: Don't talk yourself OUT of a job.

TSL Short: Don't talk yourself OUT of a job.

Every interview starts with, "Tell me about yourself," yet most people botch it. Here's how not to talk yourself out of a job. (This is a clip from episode 711.) 

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This is the sales life. I'm your host marsh B. And I created the sales life because I believe the number one skill that you need in your life to embrace uncertainty, handle the adversity and never settle again is the ability to sell, but you don't have to be in sales to learn how to sell. I'll take the skills that I've learned in the sales profession, and I'll show you how I've applied these to every area of my life and how you can too. Enjoy today's TSL moment and see how you can apply it to your life today. For more on the sales life. Go to marshbuice.com that's M a R S H B U I C E. Stay. You know, an interview is coming up, nobody has ever just grabbed you off the sidewalk and said, Hey, you want to interview real quick? you know, there's an interview coming up. And yet, so many times we think that we can wing this. This is where the magic comes in. You want it to look like it's a little bit winged. You want it to look like it's a little bit off the cuff, but actually as you're going into this interview, be prepared in such a way for specific answers in and around those questions that it gives the interview some full bodiness to it. here's the thing when you're preparing it's like bullets in a clip of a gun. You may not use 'em all, but you got 'em in there. They're all in the clip. So when these triggers need to be pulled, you hear it. You've already got a well crafted impromptu response. What's the most common question that you're asked. Well, tell me about yourself. How many people botch this one question. You think that you're ready, but you're so nervous. And so unprepared that you say, uh, I mean, I, I came here when I was nine, uh, because my mom was a meth head and I had no place to stay and my aunt took me in and then you go on and on and on about the. As an interviewer, I'm like, whoa, okay, this interview's over. Instead anticipate that question, embed some trigger words in that question, develop a story in or around, and then prepare your impro. Responses. tell me about yourself. I'm originally from Brownsville, Texas. I came here to live with my aunt at age nine. And as soon as I was legally able to work, I got a job at Kroger hustling up to buggies in the parking lot. And I ended up moving up through the ranks. I passed people up that had been there forever and I was the youngest assistant manager in that store I worked 40 hours while going to school full time. See, this looks like it was impromptu. Very well prepared. See how stuck to the story and actually here's the magic part of it. Magicians have what's called a forced tell. And what a forced tell is, is where they actually plant different objects, words, phrases. Unbeknownst to the person playing along with. They're forcing that person in the direction that they want to go. And so in crafting your impromptu responses, that's exactly the same thing. See, I did a force tell I embedded. I came to live with my aunt. I embedded, I was the youngest manager ever I passed up all the other people that had been there. See, I planted those. These are force tells because I want the interviewer to grab those. And ask me about that. And when they do guess what I'm already prepared for that answer, and that's how you walk out of an interview, puffed up. You're confident it radiates. That's the kind of thing that I'm talking about. When you're preparing, you gotta prepare for some conflict. Anticipate and prepare for some valuable qualities that you offer. Not just the I'm good with people. I really like to work give me something tangible as an interviewer, as I'm listening to you that I can hold onto Thanks for being a part of the sales life for more on the sales life. Go to marshbuice.com that's M a R S H B U I C E. Be sure and subscribe to not miss any future episodes. New episode every Sunday. Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is the sale you own you because you're more than enough. Stay amazing. Stay in the sales life.