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Aug. 7, 2019

TSL Bonus Episode: The Winning Formula: 0 minus 2 + 2

TSL Bonus Episode: The Winning Formula: 0 minus 2 + 2

In sales, we love the “should be’s.” This “should be” a deal...he “should be” coming in to buy tomorrow...I “should be” @ $10k by the end of the month.

Only the “should be’s” don’t always show up. And when they don’t, those deals you mentally cashed, emotionally bankrupt you & your month.

So here’s my formula for you: 0 minus 2 plus 2

0: zero out any mind deals you have. Yesterday ended last night so zero any progress from yesterday.

Minus 2: Work as of you’re broke & sell as if you’re rich. Go in today with a minus 2 mentality. Work like you’re in the hole & have to fight to get out & up.

Plus 2: Sell as if your rich. People don’t want to hang nor work with a broke ass person. Even when you’re losing, walk, talk, & work like you’re winning. People are buying what you’re selling...so, even when you don’t have 2 pennies to offer, sell your confidence.

Oh but you’re not in sales? You can take this mentality into any area of your life. Skip to the 5 minute mark to see how to use it in Life.

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