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Feb. 13, 2023

The Greatest Sale You"ll Ever Make. | How To Sell You On You. | TSL #752

The Greatest Sale You

There's a reason why I end my podcast episodes, saying, "The greatest sale you'll ever make is selling you on you. Because you are more than enough." 

Today I'm going to show you how to use an old-school sales technique to close your toughest customer: YOU. 

Think of a time when you were the happiest relative to where you are today. You're not as far off as you think you are, and I'll show you an effective one-step method in getting your life back on track. 
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The greatest sale you will ever make is to sell you on you. You're more than enough. Never settle. Keep Selling. 


you may look at the list and it's overwhelming. You're like, man, the most stressful thing about this list is looking how far you've slipped from the left hand side of my life when I was happiest to the right hand side to my life as it is now. But you're not that far off. And you can't change at all, but you can change next. Alright, t s l, let's get it. Welcome, welcome, welcome to another edition of the Sales Life. I'm your host, marsh B I created the sales life because I believe the number one skill that you need in your life. Is the ability to sell. See, sales is a profession. Selling is a life skill. And there are three things that every one of us on this planet are battling against. Adversity, uncertainty, and complacency. Good news is I've done a lot of the legwork for you. I have taken the skills that I've learned in over 24 years of the sales profession. And I'll show you how I, I've applied five skills to every area of my life to overcome some of the toughest moments in my life. Obesity, demotion, bankruptcy, homelessness, suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, I took the skills that I learned in the profession, and I applied to those situations and overcame ' em. to make it easy. Those five skills all start with the letter C it's communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning and action, and productive confrontation. If you found value in today's episode, please pay it forward and share this message with someone else. Also, if you wanna see my pretty face, you can catch me on YouTube. If you're ready to take these skills to another level, registration is opening up for one-on-one coaching, and on this coaching I'll develop a customized program to bulletproof your mind and maximize your life. So you can achieve the best version of you. I can't emphasize how important coaching is in your life. Sometimes you need someone to pat you on the back are the days you need someone to kick you in the ass. Good news is you got me to do both. So go to marsh b.com. That's M A R S H B U I C E, and sign up for your coaching today. While you're at marsh b.com, there's tons of free resources. Also on the bottom right is a microphone from me to you. Let me know what's your favorite episode R, what's going on in your world? and how I can help. I'm no hair, but I'm all ears. So let's rock out with today's episode. And remember, the greatest sale that you will ever make is the sale You on. You stay amazing. Stay in the cell's life. Let's get it there's an old school technique called the Ben Franklin clothes that we've used forever in sales. I mean, if Moses came down the mountain with a tablet of sales techniques, the Ben Franklin clothes would probably be right there on top, and it's an extremely effective method that takes an undecided. One that you just, I mean, you've shown 'em everything and they still can't decide and they wanna go home and think about it. It's a great tool for the customer to visually see the pros and cons and move them , from no decision to a decision to move forward. And in a nutshell, it works like this. Buyer wants to think about on a plain piece of paper, I draw a line down the middle of the paper, on the left hand side are all the benefits for me, I sell cars. So what are all the benefits? It's newer. It's under warranty. It's the color I've always wanted. I love all of the features in it. I love the performance. I mean, the list goes on and on and on and on. And on the right hand side are all the cons, all the reasons why they may need to think about it longer. So you have the customer in their own words, tell me all the pros, all the cons. And at the end of the exercise, you turn the paper around and you say, look at all the benefits. And there are very few hesitation points. So doesn't it make sense to go ahead and move forward? And because it's in the customer's own words. I didn't fill that in, I just wrote it down. It's got such a psychological effect because it uses their words and they don't want to go against their own words. So it eliminates the hesitation. It says, well, marsh, I guess when you put it like that, I guess that makes sense. Let's go ahead and move forward. And that's the Ben Franklin close. Now. We're gonna use the Ben Franklin technique on you in closing you on a better life. , you're not as far off as you think you are. So what I want you to do, same technique, is take out a clean sheet of paper and down the middle of the paper, draw a straight line on the left hand side. I want you to right at the top. When I was happiest. And on the right hand side, I want you to write at the top my life as it is now. Now going back to the left hand side, go back to a time that you were happiest. What were your habits? What were your routines? What were your accomplishments? What were your goals? Now I want you to ask yourself some specific questions and write these questions out and then answer 'em. Start with, what time did you wake up? What did you do? As soon as you got. What technique did you use in learning, in evolving your career? How often did you go to the gym? How long were you there? How many days a week? What was your diet like? What did you absolutely say no to? What time did you get to work? As soon as you got to work, what did you do and what were the results and accomplishments that you were just banging away at work? You were rolling. What time did you leave work? What's the first thing you grabbed when you got home? How did you feel when you got home? What did you eat when you got home? How often was date night? Where did y'all go on date night? How often were you intimate? What time did you go to bed? And the list goes on and on. Now on the right hand side, I want you to answer those same questions based on my life as it is now. What time do you wake up? I used to wake up at five and head straight to the gym. Now I'll wake up at seven 30, jump in the shower and off to work. What did you eat? I used to have all my meals planned. I knew exactly what I was gonna eat today, I just run through the drive-through and I haven't worked out in months. When I got to work, we were rolling and I knew exactly where we were. Now I'm bringing work home with me and I just can't seem to catch up. I stay up late at night, which causes me to wake up later in the mornings and to help ease the stress, always stop and get a bottle of wine on the way home to wash down the takeout food that I get while continuing to work. And because I have to work so much, we don't have time for date night, nor can I afford it. Things are tough at work. . My credit cards are maxed, and we're so stressed we don't even think about making love. It's a tough list to look at, isn't it? I've been there. I know exactly where you're coming from, but nothing will change in your life if all you do is you ignore the list. This is a tough list, but it's not so tough to accomplish. So you may look at the list and it's overwhelming. You're like, man, the most stressful thing about this list is looking how far you've slipped from the left hand side of my life when I was happiest to the right hand side to my life as it is now. But you're not that far off. And you can't change at all, but you can change next. And that's the, that's the toughest thing for everybody, is you look at everything that you have to change. You don't have to change everything. You just have to change one thing. See, not everything changed in a bad way for you all at once. So began to institute some steps to change one thing, so looking at your list, and I want you to keep this list, I want you to stare at the list. Take one thing on the left hand side and drag it to the right hand side. Change that one thing this week and work on that one thing. That's the only thing I want you to worry about. Just change one thing, whatever that one thing is, it's probably. Getting up at a consistent time every single day. That's your lead domino, because if you take care of you in the mornings and you head to the gym, regardless of how you feel, it's going to actually be your lead domino for everything else. But I'll leave that up to you. Take one thing and work on that for this one week, and then next week take one other thing and add it to the one thing that you added the week. Same thing for week three, week four. By the end of 90 days, you'll have changed 12, 13 things. If you even have 12 or 13 items on the list, chances are you haven't, and you'll see in 90 days what has gradually eroded in years, you've totally transformed your life. You're a brand new person. You feel better, you look better. , you work better and you make love better. Everything is back at a reset and then you, and then you hit the marks from there and it'd be good, man, , just to use this as your flight checklist. At the end of 30 days you look at it and you say, Hmm, letting some things slip. Right on task with this, and you're gonna find, as you work this one item per week, you're gonna start catching so much momentum that at first it may take you a week and a half to knock the first goal out. It's okay, but the second week you're able to nail, that one in three days. In that fourth day, you're able to take on the third. And you've got that momentum just rolling. You're not as far off as you think you are, but if nothing changes, everything changes the wrong direction. So if you wanna stop the blood flow, then cauterize it, stop it right then and there. You know exactly where you are on the list. Work on the one thing, drag it over, work on that to perfection, stack wins and then add one more thing. This is why I say keep it simple. Keep it moving. Never settle. Keep selling. Stay in the cell's.