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Feb. 8, 2023

Nothing Stays The Same. You're Either Getting Better Or Worse. | TSL #751

Nothing Stays The Same. You're Either Getting Better Or Worse. | TSL #751

Nothing stays the same. You are either getting better or worse. The baseline always moves. You can eat something terrible yesterday; skip the gym; or hide out at work today, and tomorrow it seems nothing has changed. 

And you'd be right. The slight is so minor compared to the day before that you repeat the habit repeatedly until it becomes a way of Life. It's not until 120 days later that you realize just how far off track you are. 

Don't let it happen. Did you move the needle today?
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The reason why you find yourself overweight and out of shape is because you've been deceived by your baseline. See, your baseline is always moving. Alright, t s l, let's get it. Welcome, welcome, welcome to another edition of the Sales Life. I'm your host, marsh B I created the sales life because I believe the number one skill that you need in your life. Is the ability to sell. See, sales is a profession. Selling is a life skill. And there are three things that every one of us on this planet are battling against. Adversity, uncertainty, and complacency. Good news is I've done a lot of the legwork for you. I have taken the skills that I've learned in over 24 years of the sales profession. And I'll show you how I, I've applied five skills to every area of my life to overcome some of the toughest moments in my life. Obesity, demotion, bankruptcy, homelessness, suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, I took the skills that I learned in the profession, and I applied to those situations and overcame ' em. to make it easy. Those five skills all start with the letter C it's communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning and action, and productive confrontation. If you found value in today's episode, please pay it forward and share this message with someone else. Also, if you wanna see my pretty face, you can catch me on YouTube. If you're ready to take these skills to another level, registration is opening up for one-on-one coaching, and on this coaching I'll develop a customized program to bulletproof your mind and maximize your life. So you can achieve the best version of you. I can't emphasize how important coaching is in your life. Sometimes you need someone to pat you on the back are the days you need someone to kick you in the ass. Good news is you got me to do both. So go to marsh b.com. That's M A R S H B U I C E, and sign up for your coaching today. While you're at marsh b.com, there's tons of free resources. Also on the bottom right is a microphone from me to you. Let me know what's your favorite episode R, what's going on in your world? and how I can help. I'm no hair, but I'm all ears. So let's rock out with today's episode. And remember, the greatest sale that you will ever make is the sale You on. You stay amazing. Stay in the cell's life. Let's get it if you eat something bad today and you compare yourself the next. In comparison to the day before, it doesn't seem like much. It's so microscopic in fact that you're like, All right, I got away with it. Now play this out. Day 10 in comparison to day nine because your baseline is moving. Looks the same compared to yesterday. It's about the same. Now. Play this out even further. Continue with your bad habits. Continue to skip workouts. And not eat right. 120 days in comparison to day one. You were like, Oh my God. All of a sudden I put on 20 pounds. It wasn't all of a sudden. See, there were small decisions that you were making and it didn't seem like it affected much. Because you were comparing it to the day before. But every day, man, you move the baseline just a little bit. Dude, microscopically so small, In fact, you can't even detect. But it's those small decisions that get you just a little bit off course in the day. It doesn't seem like much. Six months later you realize you're way off course. Every day, man. In your mind, the analogy that you have to use is, I gotta move the needle. What did you do today just to move the needle? Did you progress today? Every day? You gotta ask yourself, did I move the needle? Did I do something that bumped that needle up? Because if you end the day saying, Oh, it's about the same, then you're on the path to destruction. You are, doesn't seem like much. You're like, Ah, it's just one day. But that becomes a mindset and you begin to rationalize everything. So every single day, man, you gotta move that needle. You just gotta tick it up because you're either progress. Or you're regressing. Nothing stays the same. The way to move the needle is you gotta seek discomfort. So every day, man, you gotta seek some sort of discomfort. You don't have to play it out extravagantly or anything like that, man. But just what did you do that was uncomfortable for you today? There's nothing comfortable about me getting up in the morning. I don't like it, but that's the discomfort that I purposefully seek, so that way I can go into the gym, bust a sweat early in the morning, don't have to wait on machines or anything like that. It's an automatic win, and that is the way that I can invest into a healthier, stronger body As I age. As I age, I should be getting better. I shouldn't be getting worse. You gotta get outta this comfort zone, your comfort zone is either shrinking or expanding is never the same. And so when you make these little tolerances, man, you're starting to accept a little bit more. And in comparison to the day before, it's not so bad. Go pull some of your old photos. See the baseline moved and moved and moved, and moved and moved. And along the way, your narrative changed, changed, changed, changed, and you kept making new revisions to your narrative, justifying that you're busy, justifying that you got sick, justifying that you got laid off, justifying that more things happen at work, so you couldn't get to the gym justifying you had to eat on the run because you took on a new territory. See all these little justifi. It got you to where you are today because every day it was just this much. The baseline moved just a little bit. So seek out discomfort today. Don't be deceived in comparing yourself to who you were today. The destruction comes in comparison 120 days from now. If you keep it simple, keep it moving, move the needle every single day, purposefully seek discomfort. Whether it's a time that you get up or you go to the gym and you do new exercises. Don't do all the exercises that you just love doing that don't hurt. If it's not uncomfortable for you, then you either need to increase the weight or you need to change the routine of you need to change the reps up. When you do that, this is what's going to expand your. And this is how you move the needle. It's not that hard. Just did I move the needle today? That's the question that you have to ask yourself. And dude, you can apply this to every area of your life. You can apply it to your careers, you can apply it to your relationships, you can apply it to your finances. All of this, if you look at today and say, Oh, that's not so bad. Well, remember the baseline is moving and it's, you're going to be deceived. But if you wake up today and say, I wanna be better than good. Meaning that yesterday was good. Now I gotta improve that and stack the wind. That's why it's called stacking the winds. You stack those things. You progressively get better. You're incremental improving, and you never have to get to day one 20 and look back and say, Oh my God, all of a sudden this. Keep it simple. Keep it moving. Never settle. Keep selling.