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Dec. 14, 2017

Letter 8: "Habits"

Letter 8:

This week we're roller blading through the book "Resilience" by Navy Seal Eric Greitens. The last couple of episodes we looked at the 3 primary kinds of happiness: The Happiness of Pleasure, Grace, & Excellence (back up a day or 2 to listen)..today we're jumping over to Letter 8: Habits... & habits are formed when we go from the new and novel to rote and customary. It's almost as if we've got to create the habits of not having habits👉👉👉Let me know what you think about the podcast @ thesaleslife1@gmail.com---Thanks for sharing w those who could use it....taking 2 seconds to rate the show (a quick star ⭐️ or 5) ...and if you have time to share a review I appreciate it. Much love ❤️✌️

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