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Feb. 10, 2023

🔚 Here's Why It'll ALWAYS Go Your Way! | TSL Throwback

🔚 Here's Why It'll ALWAYS Go Your Way! | TSL Throwback

Pros adjust. Amaters whine. Which are you? Depends on how you handle change. 

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Think about how you look at change. . Do you view any change in the it always have to tip in your favor? And if it doesn't, bro, you get big lift, you say. And you whine and complain. See if you view any market change, doesn't matter. Up, down, sideways, expand contract if you view that as an opportunity. , you're on the mark of being a pro, oh my God, it's an opportunity. It's a new game. It's a new strategy. no matter what the market brings, it's always gonna go your way, because as a professional you adjust for the way. When the market shifts, most people hold onto their old beliefs, their old ways of doing things. This is the way we've always. And they deal with the new change with old ways. Think about all the energy they spend trying to take the old ways. And cover up for that new change. It's exhausting, isn't it? Think about some people who aren't good at adapting those old school people, don't adapt. They're better at creating stories and lies and layers of why it ain't gonna work. They prop and protect. Instead of releasing for growth, professionals are willing to look incompetent for a season. Because they realize they're exchanging old tools for a set of new tools and get another level of good. I know this firsthand, when I got demoted back down to the bottom wrong, I had to embrace the incompetence . I had to see it as an opportunity. Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't walk in there and say, Hey, hey, this is an opportunity. No, dude, my ego was bruised. But everything shifted for me in my entire life. When I saw the change is an opportunity, if you can view any market change, whatever it is, as an opportunity. Then lean into that fear. You embrace the incompetence. See, most people won't embrace incompetence. They don't wanna look stupid. They don't wanna look foolish in front of others. Everything shifted for me when I was willing to embrace the incompetence. And I had to release everything that I thought I knew what's interesting is, when you exchange your old tools for a new set of tools, the old tools become experience. And they cease becoming methods the way that you do things. Every moment is an opportunity, and you gotta see it as such. You're going to have to adjust adopt. And embrace the suck. Embrace the fact that you look stupid and incompetent. But lemme tell you, it's only for a season remember the greatest sale that you'll ever make is the sale you want you, cuz you're more than enough. Stay amazing. Stay in the sales life.