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Feb. 19, 2023

Doing Management Duties Is Not The Same As BEING A Manager | TSL #754

Doing Management Duties Is Not The Same As BEING A Manager | TSL #754

You can DO everything your managers do, but can you do everything it takes besides the normally day to day activities. 

If you're wondering why you keep getting passed over or what it's going to take to move up, listen in. 

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You can do management things, but can you do everything it takes to be a manager? That was a question I asked one of my salespeople, because out of frustration he was like, he keeps getting passed over for a promotion. And he was like, you know, I can do everything. Those guys on the. And I said, you know what? You're right. You can actually do 'em better than those guys. And he kind of froze up. He wasn't expecting me to say that. And I said, you can do management, but can you do everything that surrounds being a manager and that has everything to do with your emotion. Alright, t s l, let's get it. Welcome, welcome, welcome to another edition of the Sales Life. I'm your host, marsh B I created the sales life because I believe the number one skill that you need in your life. Is the ability to sell. See, sales is a profession. Selling is a life skill. And there are three things that every one of us on this planet are battling against. Adversity, uncertainty, and complacency. Good news is I've done a lot of the legwork for you. I have taken the skills that I've learned in over 24 years of the sales profession. And I'll show you how I, I've applied five skills to every area of my life to overcome some of the toughest moments in my life. Obesity, demotion, bankruptcy, homelessness, suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, I took the skills that I learned in the profession, and I applied to those situations and overcame ' em. to make it easy. Those five skills all start with the letter C it's communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning and action, and productive confrontation. If you found value in today's episode, please pay it forward and share this message with someone else. Also, if you wanna see my pretty face, you can catch me on YouTube. If you're ready to take these skills to another level, registration is opening up for one-on-one coaching, and on this coaching I'll develop a customized program to bulletproof your mind and maximize your life. So you can achieve the best version of you. I can't emphasize how important coaching is in your life. Sometimes you need someone to pat you on the back are the days you need someone to kick you in the ass. Good news is you got me to do both. So go to marsh b.com. That's M A R S H B U I C E, and sign up for your coaching today. While you're at marsh b.com, there's tons of free resources. Also on the bottom right is a microphone from me to you. Let me know what's your favorite episode R, what's going on in your world? and how I can help. I'm no hair, but I'm all ears. So let's rock out with today's episode. And remember, the greatest sale that you will ever make is the sale You on. You stay amazing. Stay in the cell's life. Let's get it , being a manager is not about just sitting in a chair all day long, bossing a bunch of people around hell. It's having to pull the slack from other managers. It's having to fulfill the obligations of what's being told to you by upper management, even though you may not even agree with it, See, being in management is dealing with the emotions of a dozen or more employees, and each one of those have four or five emotions within every single interaction. And sometimes they fly off and sometimes they're having trouble at home and sometimes they're broke. And sometimes can you keep all of that together and keep them going Because it's about getting the most you can out of every person that you lead. Being a manager is also about realizing that other employees don't give a fuck about what you got going on personally, the fact that you gotta bring your A game when everybody else brings their c and d game. See, being in management is not just numbers and directives. It's about making sacrifices for the collective good of the entire team. And sometimes that means that you have to call home and say, Hey, I'm gonna have to miss the event because I'm not done here. A salesperson. You can have a bad day, you can fly off the handle. And at worse, they just send you home and say, you know, Go home and get yourself together and come back the next day. You don't have that luxury as a manager no matter what. When the ball doesn't bounce your way, no matter what hell is going on, you've gotta be able to stay in the game and bring about consistent results, period. So let me ask you this, are you willing to do all that for five or 10 years with a pay cut? so that way you can hopefully make 10 times the amount of money that you make. Now, You can do management, but can you do everything it takes to be a manager and think so you're not ready.