Handle adversity. Embrace uncertainty. Never settle.
Dec. 24, 2022

Bonus: Twas The Night Before & On This List

Bonus: Twas The Night Before & On This List
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I first published this episode on Christmas Eve 2018 & release it every year as a tradition. 

It is special to me because I wrote it in my lowest, darkest time, and I am thankful that God pushed me through it. 

Selling is more than a profession, it is a mindset you can apply to every area of your life to embrace uncertainty, handle adversity, and never settle again. Master 5 disciplines to be RFA: Ready For Anything. Go to marshbuice.com to start your coaching today.

The greatest sale you will ever make is to sell you on you. You're more than enough. Never settle. Keep Selling. 


Towards the night before and on this list and all through the house, no one was up. As I sat right there on the couch, I sat and imagined what I could truly do if I dare. It starts now and not win. If you wanna get on a tear. Yes, there are others. The others were once me, I said, who thought little did even less their unrealized dreams laid dormant in their. where I came from may not be pretty with wrongs on my back. I could lean and move forward or let the past be my trap. You know, I've realized there's a big world out there with more than one ladder, and that's when the voices start ringing out. Little old you where you came from. You want to do what? Ah, that's just chatter. Every year I write a list and most doesn't get. I've come to realize I've been waiting all this time on life when at Birth Life said, you're the one. I've come this far. Everything I've gone through was for a reason. The reasons are plenty. Strength, grit, persistence, toughness, patience, creativity, forged because now is my new season. The road is hard. It's supposed to be though, isn. Anything worth having worth achieving can be achieved by the innocent. You have to be convicted serving a life sentence. Convictions of I am worthy. I can do this. I won't be stopped. I am. The shit affirmations pinned like this in my head are at the top of my list. So what's the first step? What needs to be done after the list? Just push. In your path. Oh, it'll come. There's no perfect time. No perfect day, no January one. Make this day. Regardless of the calendar, the day you say me being mediocre, oh, that shit is done. There are resources all around you. People who have been where you're going, who want to share the task, and God will put the right people in your path, but be bold enough to ask. Oh, there are those who are patiently waiting, who tell you to wait. I'll be a fool and sit there like it'll come knocking. It won't. I'm here to tell you, you must go get it and work while you wait. Be bold, be all dayish, put. Big shit on your list, but enjoy the journey. Don't push everyone away in your quest to do your best, because what sense does it make to gain the world and know best to share with the. See, you didn't do this on your own. Your solo success don't get addicted. You made the decision, you put in the work. Yes, but others did too. So don't ever get it twisted. My final thoughts, as I say to you, this one of many days, read, listen, share, love, forgive, and always get back up. Come with me. I'm proud of you. Get better and stronger with. because we're all a part of something bigger. We're all a part of the sales life.