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Jan. 2, 2022

VIDEO Is Your Universal Superpower 🦸‍♂️

VIDEO Is Your Universal Superpower 🦸‍♂️

"Video is not cyclical; it's structural," says my guest Patrick Frank author of the book "Zoom Out. The Video First Playbook."

I asked him to come onto The Sales Life because, thanks to the pandemic, while I think that we've adopted video, we have not fully embraced it and incorporated it into our lives.

Except for YouTubers and influencers, most people treat video like medication, "use only as needed."

Here are some takeaways from episode 670 on how you can make video your universal superpower. 

  • Video is Hallmark 2.0. Open any nightstand or clean out any closet in America, and you'll find plenty of greeting cards. From encouragement to empathy, Hallmark has been around for 122 years, but it doesn't capture the tone, facial features, or voice the way that video can. For the next event, why not ask loved ones to record a 30-second video of why they love that special someone and stitch it all together, capturing a lifetime of memories?
  • What did the doctor say? Have you ever tried to tell someone else about your recent doctor visit? What if your physician recorded your session and gave you a copy to later playback and research more?
  • Talk like an expert; think like a DJ. Event promoters were scrambling to shift virtually when the world shut down. Frank offers a hybrid model combining both virtual and live events. Similar to a news anchor moving back and forth from live to recorded content, much like a DJ, an expert could cater and play to the room. 
  • Eliminate dry testimonials. Testimonials can be dry and awkward. So much so that most people abandon even doing them anymore, but there's no question of the power of seeing someone's take on the product that you're interested in. To obtain a clear and consistent testimonial, send five questions to a customer and have them record and send it back to you. This way, they can re-record as many times as they'd like and only send the one they're proud of. 
  • Live commerce. We didn't get to this one, but I think it is worth noting from the book. Walmart has teamed up with TikTok, and Amazon Live is being rolled out to offer live commerce. Think Home Shopping Network for your own business. 
  • All-star Teachers. Why should a kid who lives in a poor district get subpar education? Frank throws out the idea of district-less teaching and assembles an All-Star lineup of teachers who can teach from anywhere in the country. "Pay them like an All-Star professional athlete," says Frank, and give students access to the best of the best. *Adding to that idea, this would be an excellent opportunity for the All-Star teachers to mentor other teachers as well. We do what we only know, but what if you could run your classroom while learning from the best in the country at the same time?
  • Record Everything. Patrick Frank records everything. (With the consent, of course.) How many golden conversations have you had that you wish were recorded to playback later? In the discussion, something was said that sparked an idea,  but you can't remember in vivid detail everything. Video first :)

Recording a video has an air of vulnerability to it because it's permanent, but, like anything, the more you do it, the better you'll get at it.

One thousand podcasts and videos later, it's still hard for me, but I push myself anyway because it's a superpower. 

From the above list, where will you begin to incorporate video? Start. Remember that people listen for the message; they are not looking for the miscues. Give yourself space and remain a work in progress. 

Listen or watch my conversation with Patrick Frank on your favorite podcast app or YouTube. 

A big thank you to Patrick Frank for taking time out to come onto The Sales Life. Grab a copy of Patrick's book here. 

Remember the greatest sale that you'll ever make is to sell you on you. Never settle. Keep selling your way through life no matter what.