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Aug. 26, 2022

They May Have Had The Idea, But YOU Have The Execution.

They May Have Had The Idea, But YOU Have The Execution.


I'd rather get rewarded for the execution than the idea. Jobs, Musk, Wright, nor Bell came up with the idea, but they're largely credited for what they did with the idea.

Think about all of the ideas that people have come up with yet they didn't execute on that idea because they were trying to get it 'just right" before shipping.

When I started The Sales Life Podcast, there were 700,000 (literally) other #podcasts that started before me. I could've easily said I was too late, but I started anyway.

Today there are millions of podcasts, and because I started in 2017, I am 1.3 million podcasts ahead of those who are just starting, and that is why TSL is one of the top 3% of podcasts in the world.

People quit before starting because they weren't the first to come up with the idea. Who cares? Execute anyway. You have no idea of those who started before you are close to quitting because the results are happening fast enough.

If you have a podcast, blog, or channel or want to get into a field "crowded" with talent, get in there.

They may have had the idea before you, but they cannot execute it like you.

Never settle. Keep selling.

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