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Jan. 15, 2018

#97 Unscripted but ready

#97 Unscripted but ready
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As told in Adam Grant’s book “Originals” here was a 34 year old man staring at a blank piece of paper....in just a few hours Dr. Martin Luther King was to deliver a speech to a quarter of a million in attendance and millions watching on TV ...here he was about to give the biggest speech of his life and he didn’t know what to write down. As he walked to the podium he was still making edits & revisions and what he delivered wasn’t what was actually written. The Dream wasn’t on paper, but it was delivered from his heart. Life will take you off-script...and you may feel like you’re not ready- that there’s nothing written down for you to follow...you may feel you’re not ready but you are prepared. 👉👉👉Thanks for tuning in— share your thoughts with me on Twitter @marshbuice or thesaleslife1@gmail.com

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