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Jan. 14, 2018

#96 The Emphasis Of Pain

#96 The Emphasis Of Pain
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Dr. Michael Debakey...I knew that name... come to find out there’s a street that passes right in front of one of the hospitals here in town. (He was born here) Dr. Debakey was the father of heart procedures- world renowned. One day he found himself on the other end of the procedure he’d studied, written, & performed...only now he was experiencing what he’d devoted his whole life to. He said, “...the Pain didn’t teach me anything about the heart...it simply emphasized what I’d already learned.” Today’s eppy deals with a subject we’re all too familiar with: PAIN...we think that just bc we’ve learned something that we shouldn’t have pain...but that’s just not true...listen in and share your thoughts @ thesalelife1@gmail.com or on Twitter @marshbuice👉👉👉thanks for tuning in 💯

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