Handle adversity. Embrace uncertainty. Never settle.
Dec. 22, 2022

737. 🤷🏼‍♀️ "It Doesn't Matter," Is Not An Answer.

737. 🤷🏼‍♀️

If your kids answer with, "It doesn't matter," have them listen to this episode.  (P.S. It's for you adults too.) 

Thank you for listening. 

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Selling is more than a profession, it is a mindset you can apply to every area of your life to embrace uncertainty, handle adversity, and never settle again. Master 5 disciplines to be RFA: Ready For Anything. Go to marshbuice.com to start your coaching today.

The greatest sale you will ever make is to sell you on you. You're more than enough. Never settle. Keep Selling. 


Welcome to the Sales Life. I'm your host, marsh B, and sales is a profession, but selling is a mindset that you need in order to embrace uncertainty, handle the adversity, and never settle again. In my 20 plus years of the sales profession, I've developed five disciplines that I've applied to every area of my life, including personal and professional disasters, hurricanes shortages, recessions, obesity, homelessness, demotion, and suicidal thoughts. I beat 'em all. Be ready for anything and achieve everything with the sales life mentality. Get started with your coaching today@marshbuice.com Parents, don't let your kids answer with it. Doesn't matter. Don't let 'em do it. So case in point, last day at Halloween, haunted house, text my daughter, she's with her mom. And I said, Hey, do you wanna go to the haunted house? And she text me back and said, It doesn't matter. So I said, Okay, fine. We're not. I didn't really wanna go anyway, and I know she wanted to go, walked away from it. So this morning, she's getting ready for. And I asked her, I said, Do you want me to make your ham sandwich for you? And dude, she's got the perfect ham sandwich, like it's gotta be two exact specifications the way that she does it. So she's shown me how to do it. I even have a video on how to properly do her ham sandwich. And so I asked her, I said, Hey, do you want me to make your ham sandwich for you? And she says, It doesn't matter. I said, Fine. Make your own. and I walk out of the room. When I come back in the room, her whole expression is, is change. And I asked her, what was your real answer? And she said, I wasn't expecting you to say that. I said, This is why I want you to make a decision. It's either yes or no. There is no, It doesn't matter cuz it does matter. It meant it, It meant something to you. You had a desire and I offer. So since you didn't make the decision, I'll make the decision for you. And that's what happens. You think it's super, super small as a kid and it's cute, but if you don't change these kind of different things and start making decisions and say it doesn't matter, then Life and Society and Boss Man and everybody else is going to make decisions for you. It does matter. So stop saying it doesn't matter. Now another point too that I wanna make is when someone makes an offer to do something for. But it's an opportunity for you to learn cuz you don't know how to do that. Don't make it easy on yourself and say yes, go ahead and take care of that because this is how you're gonna pigeonhole yourself for the rest of your life and you're gonna work a minimum wage job all your life and stay in debt all your life is because you take the path of least resistance and let somebody do the work for you. There's tons of things every single day, man, that you can learn, but don't let someone. For you. So if it's an opportunity for you to learn and someone offers and says, Hey, do you want me to do that for you? Even though you may be pressed for time, even though you don't feel like doing it or you don't know how to do it, say, No, I'd like to learn this. If you would just stay right there and shadow me and correct me as I go along the way. This is how you build your skill set. But first, it's by making a decision. It's either yes or no. There is no, It doesn't matter