Handle adversity. Embrace uncertainty. Never settle.
Aug. 14, 2022

711. Work Hard To Make It Look Easy.

711. Work Hard To Make It Look Easy.

At 19 years old, Ben Francis ran a billion-dollar clothing brand named Gym Shark. As head of the company, Francis knew he would have to speak in front of large audiences that were more experienced and intimidating. There was just one problem. Francis was awkwardly shy. 

Since he couldn't run and hide, Francis took a page out of Winston Churchill's playbook and began to "prepare for his impromptu responses."

Today on The Sales Life, if you have an interview, a speech to give, or are in sales,  I will show you how to anticipate the questions and prepare your responses where it LOOKS impromptu but is very well crafted. 

The greatest sale you will ever make is to sell you on you. You're more than enough. Never settle. Keep Selling. 


Have you ever been asked a question and your response to it just didn't come out right where you just ended up rambling on and on and you ended up not giving a clear answer after that. How confident do you feel when you botched the magic moment today on the sales life, I'm gonna show you how to magically develop your confidence and prepare in such a way where it looks impromptu, but it's actually very well crafted. This is the sales life. I'm your host marsh B. And I created the sales life because I believe the number one skill that you need in life is the ability to sell. But you don't have to be in sales to learn how to sell. The skills that I've learned in the profession. It's five of them, communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning, and action and productive confrontation. I'll show you how I've taken those skills and applied those to every area of my life to embrace uncertainty, handle the adversity and be RFA ready for anything. So if you're trying to get back up after life has slapped you down, are you trying to move up? Because you feel like your life is kind of stalled out. If you wanna have more, do more, be more, then you're gonna have to learn to sell more. I'm so lucky to be here with you and excited to bring you today's message. About how you can magically create confidence. At 19 years old, Ben Francis was running a billion dollar clothing brand named gym shark. I know the brand very well. My wife loves to wear it. She looks great wearing it too. Can you imagine at 19 years old running a $10,000 business, much less a billion dollar business. I couldn't even imagine. And Francis as head of the company, understood that he was gonna have to speak in front of large audiences those people are people with way more experience, way older than him. Deep pockets. And probably intimidating. So Ben Francis found himself with a problem, actually, two problems, 19 years old, running a billion dollar business, and he was awkwardly shy. To prepare, he took a page out of Winston Churchill's playbook, and he began to prepare his impromptu responses. And the way that he did this is he anticipated the questions and prepared and rehearsed his responses and embedded these trigger words to those questions so that when he's asked these questions, because he's already anticipated and prepared for these questions, he was able to immediately attach that question to the trigger and roll out with a very well prepared response. See, it looked like it was impromptu, cuz he had no idea in section C what the question was gonna be asked. And he had no idea with this guy to his left was gonna ask him either. So he prepared in such a way, all these different triggers and crafted stories in and around those triggers. So that when he's asked, it looks like it's impromptu. I didn't know that was coming, but he actually made it look like he was trying to think it. Then he would roll out with a smooth response. These stories were the Gym shark story. How did you even come up with the name, Gym shark? Trigger rolled out with a response. What's your biggest challenge as a 19 year old running a billion dollar brand. I mean, you're not even legally able to drink, trigger smooth response. See he prepared he anticipated these kind of questions. So that way, even though he was awkwardly shy, he was prepared in such a way that he was RFA. He was ready for. I truly believe in doing this. This is how you actually discover your authenticity. I don't think you just be authentic. Many people just say be authentic. I don't think you can do that. I think you can discover your authenticity by preparing and anticipating what questions you may be asked and developing these trigger words. Then you can generate better responses. And through these reps, you can actually let go of these automatic responses, distance yourself from 'em and begin to. Sit in silence and search for the answer. , when you're being authentic. And you've done this enough, you can drop ego and say less of what people want to hear. and sit in silence and really give it some thought and respond in a way of what needs to be said. So here's what I want you to take away from this. Be so prepared that your responses look impromptu, but put in so many reps that it becomes impromptu. So to help you with this, let me give you a few examples that you can actually relate to the most common one is a job interview and you know, you know, an interview is coming up, nobody has ever just grabbed you off the sidewalk and said, Hey, you want to interview real quick? you know, there's an interview coming up. And yet, so many times we think that we can wing this. This is where the magic comes in. You want it to look like it's a little bit winged. You want it to look like it's a little bit off the cuff, but actually as you're going into this interview, be prepared in such a way for specific answers in and around those questions that it it gives the interview some full bodiness to it. now the first thing I want you to do is Google some common interview questions. If you have a mentor or someone who's in management, ask her, Hey, what questions do you normally ask? And then based on that, you anticipate these questions, you craft your responses. You rehearse it over and over again, you embed some trigger words in that. So that way, when you have the interview, it looks impromptu, but it's very, very well prepared. What's the most common question that you're asked. When you kick off an interview? Well, tell me about yourself. How many people botch this one question. They end up rambling on and on and on and on. And you sit down in the chair and you think that you're ready, but you're so nervous. And so unprepared that you say, uh, I mean, I, I came here when I was nine, uh, because my mom was a meth head and I had no place to stay and my aunt took me in and then you go on and on and on about the. As an interviewer, I'm like, whoa, okay, this interview's over. Right. Especially the higher the stakes. So if I'm looking for someone in an executive position and you sit down in that chair and go with that, you're out. So instead anticipate that question, embed some trigger words in that question, develop a story in or around, and then prepare your impro. Responses. tell me about yourself. I'm originally from Brownsville, Texas. I came here to live with my aunt at age nine. And as soon as I was legally able to work, I got a job at Kroger hustling up to buggies in the parking lot. And I ended up moving up through the ranks. I passed people up that had been there forever and I was the youngest assistant manager in that store and I worked 40 hours while going to school full time. See, this looks like it was impromptu. Very well prepared. See how stuck to the story and actually here's the magic part of it. Magicians have what's called a forced tell. And what a forced tell is, is where they actually plant different things, different objects, words, phrases. Unbeknownst to the person playing along with. They're forcing that person in the direction that they want to go. And so in crafting your impromptu responses, that's exactly the same thing. See, I did a force tell I embedded. I came to live with my aunt. I embedded, I was the youngest manager ever I passed up all the other people that had been there. See, I planted those. These are force tells because I want the interviewer to grab those. And ask me about that. And when they do guess what I'm already prepared for that answer, and that's how you walk out of an interview, puffed up. You're confident it radiates. That's the kind of thing that I'm talking about. When you're preparing, you gotta prepare for some conflict. Anticipate and prepare for some valuable qualities that you offer. Not just the I'm good with people. I really like to work and then, Hey, I need every Saturday off so craft a story, man. Give me something tangible as an interviewer, as I'm listening to you that I can hold onto and then paint the picture of plans for a future. Here's the thing when you're preparing for these kind of things, it's like bullets in a clip of a gun. You may not use 'em all, but you got 'em in there. They're all in the clip. So when these triggers need to be pulled, you hear it. You've already got a well crafted impromptu response. Rolling. What about if you're gonna be going on someone else's podcast? Tell me about what the sales life is. I can't get on someone else's podcast to the sales life. Well, you know, I've been selling for 24 years and I really like it and I really want to help people out. No, it didn't work. It's got no confidence. Marsh by welcome to the sales life. So happy to be here. Thanks for having me. Well, tell me what is the sales life impromptu response. Hmm. See, you can put a pause in there and that's where it looks like you can look up. I've already got it. Ready. But see this is the magic part of it. I've already crafted for it. I'm not gonna ramble on and on. Well, Chuck, I believe the number one skill that you need in life is the ability to sell It's not just a profession. Selling is an action. It's something that's fluid. And I believe there are five skills that we have in the sales profession that you can use. In your life as well because sales and life are the same thing. One minute, you're on top of the world. The next minute, the world's rolling back on top of you. So if you develop these five skills that you already have within communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning, and action and productive confrontation. If you develop these five skills, You'll be able to embrace uncertainty, handle the adversity and be what I call RFA ready for anything. Now see how I responded to that. What is the sales life I've already got that ready? But the other part too is when I'm preparing, I can embed triggers on each one of those five words, communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning, and action, and productive confrontation. Those five skills. So now I can embed. Stories impromptu responses. If, if the interviewer wants to take it in that direction, well, many people say that they're not creative. Well, creativity is basically this. When you lack resources, can you become resourceful? Boom. Everybody relates to that. Everybody relates to being a nine year old and you don't have a basketball goal, but I can take a piece of plywood and nail it to the tree with an old basketball rim and nail that to the piece of plywood and boom. Now, all of a sudden I have a basketball goal. See, that's the creativity. That is something that people can relate to. And if you can do that as a nine year old, you can do that as a 90 year. See, that's, that's how you build these things. And because I've done this so many times, I've done over a thousand podcast episodes in videos. Now, I have developed the confidence to be able to distance myself less from those triggers. I don't rely on those triggers as much as I do. So I can rely less on those triggers and really search for a deeper answer. This is what I call created confidence and created confidence is where you prepare in such a way. That you outwardly look confident, even though you may be dying inside, but you prepare in such a way, your responses where you've anticipated, drilled over and over again, rehearsed your impromptu responses. So when it becomes live, And you're in the moment I can respond and roll out with well crafted stories. That's at outward confidence, it's embedded, it's the magic. And because I handled myself well, that creates the inward confidence and that inward confidence continues to build up through the reps. And that's what pushes out. For that overall confidence is this magic. If you're in sales, preparing impromptu responses is so key, man. And if you think about it, there's only like eight to 10 common objections that you're hit with yet. It seems like we're always caught off guard. With those same common objections, because you think that you're gonna be ready the next time you didn't handle this one. Well, but you're gonna be ready for the next one. I'm gonna be ready for it. And then it may not come for weeks and then you get hit with it and you're not ready. Think about this. If you prepared in such a way that you anticipated these questions, you already know what the questions are gonna be. You already know what the objections are gonna be. So you anticipate them, you rehearse them. In and around, and then that way you're not caught off guard. So when you get hit with these objections and because you've already embedded these trigger words, you can address their concerns. You can offer reassurances and you can pepper in some stories from previous experiences that you've had with customers who have shared that same concern and how you were able to help their situation. And here's the thing, even if you're new, you can borrow someone else's experiences, meaning that you take a seasoned salesperson, you listen to their stories and how they've been able to help. And now you incorporate that as you're building your book of business, this is what I call borrowed experiences. So that way, when I, an experience comes up. You can retell the story and it creates that confidence where the customer feels like it actually came from you. Now, as soon as I make this sale, now I can own it. And now I can share that story. See, you're preparing these impromptu responses. And as you do this, you get more confident on the outside. It develops that inward confidence that inward confidence pushes back out and you become overall confident and people gravitate toward that. This is how you command the room through the reps, anticipating the questions, preparing your response, embedding these triggers and you'll distance yourself along the. Be able to sit in silence and search for the right answer. Thanks so much for being a part of the sales life for more on the sales life. Go to marshbuice.com that's M a R S H B U I C E. And there you will find thousands of videos. Blogs. And of course, podcast episodes while you're at marshbuice.com and the bottom right, is a mic from you to me let me know what's going on in your world and how I can help. I'm no hair, but I'm all ears. Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is the sale you on you because you're more than enough. Stay amazing. Stay in the sales.