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July 21, 2022

704. Don't Wait For Problems, Create Them. | Learn the art of chipping out of your divots.

704. Don't Wait For Problems, Create Them. | Learn the art of chipping out of your divots.

Jack Nicklaus became the greatest golfer in the world because he practiced chipping out of the divots. Instead of waiting for the worst situations to arise, he created them and repeatedly practiced them so that when the problem occurred, he was ready for it. 

Don't wait for things to go wrong, and hope you know how to handle them. Make things go wrong, and be ready to defeat them. 

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today, own the sales life. You've been in difficult situations, but have you ever put yourself back in those difficult situations to learn how to handle 'em better? The next time Jack Nicholas became the best golfer in the world because he practiced chipping out of the divots. This is the sales life, top 3% podcast in the world. I'm your host Marsh Buice and I created the sales life because I believe the number one skill that you need in your life is the ability to sell, but you don't have to be in sales to learn how to sell. I'll take the skills that I've learned in over 24 years of the sales profession. And I'll show you how you can apply these to every area of your life. . The skills are communication, curiosity, action and productive confrontation. These are skills that you already have within now I will help you develop 'em so you'll never go without, if you wanna have more, do more, be more, then you're gonna have to learn to sell. Enjoy today's throwback episode and remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is the sell you on you. And let's talk about, Jack Nicholas and Jack Nicholas was a, , legend, PGA, , player. And, he always seemed to thrive in these pressure moments when it was all on the line. and people would look at him in these situations and they were like, how in the world does he just not melt down? And he always seems to be on top, just seemed unrattled. When he was asked about it, he said, you know, all people see is my results, but what they don't see. are the countless hours that I practiced chipping out of a divot. And if you don't know what a divot is, a divot is, um, you've probably seen it just in golf clips and stuff like that. It's, when another golfer just, swings too far beneath his ball. And he , carves out this big hunk of sod when he swings his golf club. The ball takes off, but then also, so does the sod as well. So as, , you hit your shot and your ball just happens to roll right there in another player's, divot. And these are the moments, where you pray to God that they don't happen, but as luck would have it, when it's all on the line, it did happen. So what Nicholas did is, is he practiced. The art of recovery by chipping out of the divot. This could happen like once every thousand. Swings, but what most people do is most people just wait for the situation to arise, or they look at the probability that it's such a slim chance that it'll happen again, that I'm not even gonna waste my time, even worrying about it. And what Nicholas did, is he put himself in those divot moments. and he practiced chipping it outta the divot. That's what pros do, man pros put themselves in the weirdest situations. And they practice their approach, their mechanic. Even their mentality. They rehearse that over and over again because recovery and getting back in the game is part of the game itself. Many people cannot finish playing a great game they can't have a great month. And the reason being is because they don't know how to recover. What pros do is they practice the art of recovery. See, I don't want you to wait for the divots. I want you to purposefully put those divots in yourself. So when you smash the wall, of a situation of a customer, how you handle last phone call, there was a problem that arose. You couldn't answer the question. You didn't know the answer. You didn't know your product, you got agitated. You just mentally quit. Whatever it is. That's a divot moment, man. and instead of walking away from the scene, dusting your hands off saying, well, I hope that never happens again. I want you to reenact the scene and not just mentally, but also verbally and physically the divots. When customer says you got 10 minutes go. When the customer just hits you with, you know, what don't even offer, I'm not interested how much do owe. When the customer rolls out and says, you better gimme pay off and you got five minutes to give it to me. When a customer says, um, I'm gonna hold off don't put any pressure on me, man. You put pressure on me, man. I'm outta here. When the divots are, you know what, I'll call you. If I have any questions, when you get the di of no, uh, no, I, I don't, I'm not giving you my number. See, these are all divot moments. List out your divots. Now chip away at 'em over and over again. Notice I said chip at the divots meaning that they're just they're little bumps, they're little hacks. All throughout your day, what a great privilege that you have, that you can rehearse these moments over and over again in the offline moments. See, it's not what you do in the moment. It's what you do in between the moments that really count, what most people do in between the moments they wait for the next moment. When the pros are, Practicing in the divots. They're chipping out of the divots chip chip chip chip, just little bitty things. Five minutes, 10 minutes makes all the difference in the world, man. and chipping out of the divots, you gotta do it in front of others. You gotta be able to do it in, in front of the mirror to look at your facial expression on the way to, and from work while you're exercising. Yeah. People are gonna think that you're crazy they see your lips moving and nobody standing beside you, . I'm, I'm chipping out of the divots man. I'm walking across a lot, talking to myself. I'm sitting there oftentimes at my desk and I'm presenting. Ain't a damn customer in front of me. I'm chipping out of the divots because the last situation I just had, I bombed, I didn't do well at all. And the other times I've done. It was perfect. And just all of a sudden, it's just a mental glitch, somewhere chip out of the divot. See what you say is just as important as how you say it and you can't have that deer in the headlight look, man, you can't have that shock. Like, Ooh, you can't have any of that, your body, your expression, your tonality, the words. Everything has to be fluid, not all choppy because the customers are buying your certainty. They're buying your assurances, but your assurances are not conveyed. What comes outta your mouth, it's what conveys outta your body. Outta your tone, outta your facial expressions out of your eye contact Jack Nicholas rehearsed so much that when he found himself in a divot. It wasn't a, this is all on the line kind of situation because he had done it thousands and thousands of time. Was just another shot. That's all. It really was. It wasn't one of those, oh Lord. Why that's what most people do he says, I've done it so many times. He actually has exercised or numbed out the. The rejection phase of it, the, oh my God, it's all on the line. He, he numbed all of that. He trained his way out of that. So put yourself in the divots. don't wait for, 'em and then practice chipping out of the divot. That's a wrap on today's episode, but it's not a wrap on the sales life. We'll be back on Sunday with a brand new episode. Until then go to marshbuice.com that's M a R S H B U I C E. If you'd like for me to speak at your next event, need one-on-one coaching or feel like I'd be a good fit for your podcast. Or if you just wanna say hello, literally you can do so go to marshbuice.com , in the bottom, right. Is a mic from you to me, let me know what's going on in your world. How I can help. I'm no hair, but I'm all ears. Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is the sale you want you because you're more than enough. Stay amazing. Stay in the sales life.