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April 30, 2022

691. Feed Big Mo! | Feed Momentum Even When You're Short On Time.

691. Feed Big Mo! | Feed Momentum Even When You're Short On Time.

Welcome to  ep 691 of The Sales Life; when it comes to momentum, “It’s easier to keep it going than get it going.” Big Mo is always hungry, and you must feed it every day-on today’s episode, I’ll show you why it’s important to feed momentum even on the days when you’re short on time-it may not be optimal, but it is an opportunity. 

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Hello, boys and girls. Welcome to episode 6 90, 1 of the sales life man, 691 episodes. Never. Would've thought that today. We're going to talk about momentum big Mo. And when it comes to momentum, always say it's easier to keep it going than getting. Big Mo is always hungry and you got to feed it every day. On today's episode, I'll show you why it's important to feed Big Mo even on the days when you're short on time, it may not be optimal, but it is an opportunity. This is the sales life. My name is Marsh Buice and I believe the number one skill you need in life is the ability to sell. And the product that you're selling is you. Life is all negotiable and you only have two choices. You can settle and give up. Or you can keep selling and move up and there is no in-between selling requires five core skills, communication, curiosity, creativity, continuous learning, and action and productive confrontation. With over two decades in the sales profession, I've had a lot of success, but the skills that I've learned through sales also saved my life. I was bankrupt, divorced, demoted, and suicidal. I had a choice to make . Settle or keep selling. If you hear my voice, you know, my answer, it doesn't matter where you've been. It matters where you're going, listening to the sales life, you'll be ready for both the valleys and the mountaintops and everything in between Stick around to the end of the episode, learn how to connect to me more. Now let's get on with today's episode. Let's go short times equal huge success. And there are ways man, that we can feed momentum. Big Mo is always hungry. See, a lot of times when we have the choice to do all or nothing. Many times what we ended up doing is nothing, because we say I don't have the time. I don't have all the time that I can complete the task, but you have to think of your life many times, like writing a book, you can't write a book all in one day, but you can write a chapter of success. And many times what we want is we want the end result. We want the whole. Of results to be done right then and there. And when it doesn't happen, we get overwhelmed and we say, oh, well, I don't have time. And we scrap it and we just settle in to what we're normally doing case in point, I had a friend call me one day. He was on his way home from work long day. And he said, Marsh, I, you know, so I said, Hey, where you heading? You said I'm heading to the gym. And he said, by the time I get there, I will only have 12 minutes to work out 12 minutes. Now let me tell you what most people do. Most people would look at that 12 minutes and say, man, by the time I get there it's not enough time. So what they'll do is they'll then let themselves off the hook and they'll say, you know what? It's been a long day. Let me just head on home and I'll double up tomorrow. Yet something comes up in the night or first thing in the morning, you forgot about a report that you have to do or forgot that you got to work all day and what happens? You scrap it and you say, well, I'll triple up. The next day never happens. You ended up quitting. See my friend who only had 12 minutes to work out, it wasn't optimal, but he saw it as an opportunity. He saw it as an opportunity and he walked out of there feeling about two inches taller because he had a choice to do or not do. And when you have the choice to do or not, Do it anyway, because big Mo is always hungry. Let me tell you one thing about momentum. Momentum is super tricky because good are bad. We stopped feeding it. See when it's bad. We say what's the used and when it's good, we say what's the need. Right. And we look at those things and we say, okay, when it's bad, what's the the use? It's not going to work anyway, stop giving it. And then when it's good, we say, what's the need, man. I got a hot hand going. It should all come to me anyway. And we stop feeding the momentum. And once the well runs dry, when you're doing good, when the well runs dry, you're looking around saying, oh my God, What do I do now? You lost the momentum. Here's what I want you to do, whether you're into cryptocurrency or not, doesn't even matter. Here's here's. I want you to think of momentum as Bitcoin. The biggest rave right now, Bitcoin, before I jumped on this morning, I looked at Bitcoin. Bitcoin is trading for like $42,000 a coin. And most people look at that and they say, I don't have $42,000, so I can't invest in Bitcoin, but if you dive a little bit deeper, you would realize that you could own a fraction of Bitcoin. See a hundred bucks will get you a 0.0 0 2 2 7 9 2 5, the Bitcoin. See, it's not all a Bitcoin, it's some, but it's not all, but it's more than you had before. And many times, that's what we do in our lives. We say, we look at our lives like a Bitcoin. I don't have $42,000. I can't start my own business. I don't have all this special equipment. So I can't start my podcast. I don't have the years of experience. So I can't build up the clientele. See, we look at stuff like that. And instead of looking at all, look at it instead as fractional. So I want to give you a couple of ways that you can feed the momentum using exactly where you are right now. Because one thing you always got to remember, man, big Mo is always hungry. So let's break this down before I get started. I want you to remember this. You can't do it all at once, but you can do it once all the time. Right. So when you get overwhelmed, you're like, oh my God, I can't do all of this. You can't do it all at once, but you can do it once all the time. So first thing you come first. So what I want you to do to feed big Mo is when you're overwhelmed and you feel like the world's crushing on top of you, then take five minutes aside. This. Put on a YouTube video of storm sound doesn't matter. Close your eyes. Set your timer five minutes. That's it. Follow your breath. You don't have to say any seances. You don't have to read anything. Just five. Feed Big Mo. See you think it's not going to work? It's not about what it works in. The moment. What it's going to do is it's going to create some space, some margin that you need. And as you move forward, trust me, you do this every single day, five minutes, just five minutes, feed big Mo. You come first, you do that. Things are going to start evening out for you. Feed big Mo with your health, whether you got five minutes or 45 minutes, instead of looking at optimal. Look at it as an opportunity. So if you're in a rush, I can't do a 30 minute workout. You got five minutes. Let me tell you something that I do. There's a couple of things you can go to fitness, blender, and you can just Google fitness, blender on YouTube, and they'll pull up seven minute body weight exercises. So when you look at all that, Then you can use your body weight. You don't have to go to the gym and you drop right down there and get after it. Let me tell you one thing that I do, you can download an interval timer on your phone. It's free. You don't even have to subscribe to it or nothing. Interval timer. I have a 10 minute workout that I can do right there on my phone. It's it's um, five exercises, three rounds. They're 25 seconds. Per exercise. So 25 on 15 off and are they're composed of 25 seconds of jumping jacks. 15 seconds off 25 seconds of air squats, 15 seconds off 25 seconds of pushups. 15 seconds off 25 seconds of planks. 15 seconds off 25 of burpees or mountain climbers, 15 seconds. Rinse and repeat three rounds, 10 minutes, killer dude. You're going to be dripping with sweat. See, you don't have to go look like Arnold and bodybuilder and have a gym membership. It was right there in the driveway. 10 minutes. Do those things right there. That is feeding the momentum. And if you feed Big Mo. You create some momentum in your day, man, then no matter what happens in the day, you already want it because you're feeding big Mo feeding big Mo on your job. Let's talk about this. If you got to work a list in many things, things will just compound. They'll get out of hand and you'll look at this big, huge list. You're like, oh my God, I just need a day where I close my office door and I don't talk to anybody. Everybody, if the world would just leave me alone, I could get, it's not going to happen. Especially the higher you climb booboo, more people need you. So when you have to work, different lists are the list is getting larger 10 minutes. Feed Big Mo. 10 minutes, everything can wait for 10 minutes. The phone calls they'll leave a message. The emails, the, you can return them later. 10 minutes work lists, set the timer. And at the end of the time, Walk away from it. This is how you don't get overwhelmed. Remember it's fractional investing. That's all I'm doing. I can't own the whole Bitcoin at $42,000, but I can do it. Fractionally 0.0 0 2 2 4 9 2 4 or whatever the hell it was. Right. That's what you got to think in your life. Same thing. 10 minutes work the list. Now here's, what's even key. I can learn at the same time I'm working on a list because if I don't have to talk to anybody and all I got to do is, is just work a list and it doesn't pull on a lot of emotional currency. Then I can listen to a podcast, check out the sales life. I can listen to a podcast while I work. And I'm getting some learning. I listen to audio book while I work the list. All right. Feed the ego. If you're in sales, feed the momentum by instead of saying, oh, you know, I got all this to do, make just a couple of phone calls. Let me tell you what most people do right before they get off. They're sitting there looking at social media, looking at everybody else, getting off. Don't do that. Feed big Mo even if it's 10 minutes. I'm telling you compounded, it's going to make huge results short on time, equals huge success. See, it's not the optimal times that you had that brought you huge success. It was what you did in the, in the gaps. The short amount of time. It was an opportunity, even though it wasn't optimal and you seized it, where 99.9999999% of people when will not seize that opportunity. . Last one weight loss kind of goes hand in hand with the workout, but I do want to add it with this one too, because when you're eating and the nachos and the caso come out and you're trying to get right feed momentum, bypass that one thing, as a matter of fact, have the nachos have the chips and the salsa just don't dip it in the cheese. If you substitute that one. It's not all, but it's better. And what's going to happen is you're you're you're discipline and discipline. Discipline means, man is improvement. That is all it means. Okay. So if you're, if you, if you feed the momentum on that one thing, you walk away from it, two inches taller because you're able to say no and you don't make the situation worse. When given the choice of all or nothing look at instead is as something towards all. Okay. When it's all or nothing, when you say, oh my God, I'm overwhelmed. I got dishes there. You, the whole house needs to be clean to worry about that. Do the dishes. Oh, the dishwasher. And then the next day do something. When you get time, do another 10 minutes, whatever it is, don't look at all or nothing. Feed the momentum, do something towards all. Remember when it comes to momentum, it's easier to keep it going, then get it going. So once you get these big wheels going. The big Mo because big Mo is always hungry. Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sell you on you because you're more than enough. Thanks so much for listening to today's episode. You want more? I got you covered head over to the home of the sales life. Go to the sales life.me. That's thesaleslife.me and the top right. Are links to all the socials where I hang out and in the bottom, right. Is a microphone from you. To me, leave me a message. Let me know what's going on in your world and how it can help. I'm no hair, but I'm all ears while you're there. Enjoy thousands of free resources from blogs to podcasts and also a link to the YouTube sales life channel. Never settle. Keep selling Stan sales life.