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June 7, 2021

641. One day or day one? Turn your dreams into reality by flipping those two words.

641. One day or day one? Turn your dreams into reality by flipping those two words.

My friend Catherine Brown sent out an email with the title, "One day or day one?"  Had the first sentence not asked me if I read the title carefully, I would've missed it and is indicative to how we live our lives. 

We live our lives with "one day" dreams instead of working with "day one" statements. 

"One day I hope to save more money."

"One day I  hope to meet the right person."

"One day I hope I get a promotion."

"One day I hope to lose weight."

Flip those two words around and your whole life will begin to change. 

Today is day one for you. After listening to this episode, when those "one day" words try to creep into your psyche, flip it into action with day one commands. 

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the cemetery is full of everyone who said one day and they never got around to it. They never made it. Social media is full of one days because everybody who is on there, 99% of people who are on social media are one day'ers , they're consuming everyone else's life. When they have the power to control and produce. Their own life and their own future My friend, Catherine Brown sent me an email and the title of the email was day one or one day. And it was so subtle, yet. Powerful. And I think it's indicative of how we live our lives. We live our lives with the dreams of one day, instead of rolling out the door, rocking out with day one statements. And the fact of the matter is man. I would have totally missed this. Had the first sentence in her email, not said, did you read the title carefully one day or day one? And it got me to thinking if you will become dyslexic. Just with just those two words, you'll begin to change everything in your life. Your whole sales life will change. So flip the words and the wonder of one day. Statements of day one, one day will never come until you make today day one. So from here on out, man, every damn day is day one. It's a statement and it's no longer going to be a dream. So when you feel yourself kind of floating off into the one day, flip it immediately to day one. I mean, dude, the minute you open your eyes, boom. Day one, let's go every damn day from here on out is day one for you. No more of the cries of if only I had the resources, if only I had an extra thousand dollars, if only I wouldn't work in so much, I wouldn't work in 50 hours. If only I had someone who was watching my kids, marsh, who would help me with the kids. No more of those, because see, those are all day one, because see, those are all one day dreams. And you need to take action. What day? One statements. It's time to win, man. It's time to win would day one and no longer dream with one day no more, because see, the cemetery is full of everyone who said one day and they never got around to it. They never made it. Social media is full of one days because everybody who is on there, 99% of people who are on social media are one day'ers , they're consuming everyone else's life. When they have the power to control and produce. Their own life and their own future by one day. One thing I like about day one statements, dude has got some stank on it because what it does is it puts an emphasis on the next step right now. So I don't get all bogged down with all because when you look at everything, when you look at everything in its entirety, dude is going to crap you out. You look at all, you have to do all, you have to go all you have to overcome. See when you're looking at all. That's when you fall in to the dreams of one day. And you never get there. You just gotta do what's next, man. What's a one day dream for you. And what will you now and how will you flip it to a day? One statement. What's the next move for you? Like for me, dude, you know how many years I spent wasting it on one day, I'd like to lose some weight, dude, five pounds away from my old playing days. And I was about to turn 40 years old. It would no college, no pro was about to call marsh and have him line up. In a three point stance to try to blow the defensive end off the ball. I wouldn't get in that call no more man. But what I was doing is I kept making these, these one day wishes one day, man. I'd like to do that. Just I just work a lot and we're always wishing we were eating in someone else's bowl. Right? I say that often. And we say, if I had that guy's life one day, mom would be better too. It's all bullshit, man. So for me, I had to flip the one day. I'd like to lose weight. I had to start making and taking action on day one statements. So I kept it very simple. And this is important too, because you got to keep things very, very simple. If you make it too complex, you're going to fall back into one days. So if you just keep it simple, not looking at all, I'm looking at next day. One every damn day is day one, not day two, day three is day one. Every single day. I'm reading a Tim Grover's book. Um, his new one winning. And we've talked about relentless. I'm gonna talk about winning, uh, coming up because it's it's, I think it's better than the relentless book, but all of his bullet points, it's not step one. Step two, step three, step four. They're all. Step ones. Everything he does is step one. Number one. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Number one, blah, blah, blah, blah. It's the next one. But it's number one. Everything's number one, because he said, if you don't, then you're going to classify things of importance and this is your life. So every damn thing is important. So every damn day is they one for you. So for the losing weight aspect, kept it simple. Buses every day, eat all the food you want. Just make sure it's clean food. See, I didn't have it time for all the portion controls and monitoring, you know, little cups of this. If I got too complex with it, that crap, I'm like, man, I'm starving. Uh, you know, I'm pissed off. Uh, the there's not enough sweetness in it, whatever, and I'm going to crap myself out. So I kept it very simple. Very simple. Tell you what two rules bust , sweat every day. If it's 10 minutes or 45 minutes, as long as you bust a sweat every single day. And number two is eat all the foods you want. Just make sure it's the clean food. Just substitute it, one thing. And so I lived by that every single day. And then I had. Another rule that I put in place too. And the other rule was never scratch twice. Meaning life is going to step in. There are things that are going to come up. There are things that are going to happen. Maybe I had to go into work early. Maybe something came up with one of my kids. Maybe there was an emergency, whatever. Maybe I just lost my willpower and smashed a seafood platter, but that's okay. See, it's the day after. Perfect. Like what John a says. And so every damn day is day one. Right? So never miss twice because when you miss twice, You start to doubt the path that you're on. Maybe I can't do this. Maybe I'm not strong enough. Maybe it's not the right time. And day three is condemnation. That's when you really condemn yourself and you say, I just can't do this. And you give up in three days, you give up. So never miss twice, but tell my salespeople that. They walk out to leave, how many customers did you work with? Oh, man. You know, I, at a lot of customers, you know, previous customers that came in and I had to deal with those things. I had to go do a delivery, another thing in service. Okay. Let's cool. It comes up. It happens, especially when you start selling the kind of volume that you're doing. It's cool. Don't miss twice. Meaning that do not show up tomorrow. And scratch and not work with another customer because this is when doubt steps in and day three is condemnation. And after that, you just settle into mediocrity, you settle into what you've always done, right? That's the thing that you got to look out for. And some days man what you got to do is you got to walk around and you've got to say, dude, am I living today as a one day or day one? Let me rephrase that. Am I living today as a one day? Or am I walking with purpose day one? Let's go for the podcast for me, the sales life, dude, I had trouble. Let me tell you what's a trip. I didn't even know. I came up with the sales life, the title, I didn't even know because for years I kept saying it was sales, diamonds, and sales. Diamonds was the characteristics of diamonds. They take a long time to become a diamond for coal to become a diamond. And they're indestructible. And that's what you gotta be. So for years, man, I held on to sales diamonds, but I never started a podcast. I just had this title and I kept thinking I had to have a green-screen. I had to have a computer. I had to have a special intro and outro music. I got a lineup. These high-power guests, damn dude, nobody freaking knew me. And every day, man, I was putting off longer and longer and longer and longer and longer years. And I lived with one day and it wasn't until I hit the bottom of the barrel in life. When they told me, do not talk to anyone else, do not do any sort of motivating, do not do any sort of teaching the salespeople. You need to be in an office. And all you need to do is spin paper and you need to get yourself together. You need to heal and stop trying to save everyone else. That was the day I began to live my truth. And I started the sales life. The first episode I came out with, I said, welcome to the sales life. I think it's still on there. I didn't even know. I even made that title until I went back to listen to it. I'm like, where did that even come from? I have a friend of mine right now. She's trying to come up with a, um, with a name for her business. And everyone, you know, we, we keep bouncing off ideas and it's just, she's like, I just, it doesn't ring us that it's going to, it's going to come at the weirdest time. I made the statement, the sales life and never even knew why it just happened is what happens, man. That's how it goes because sales and life. Are parallel to one another. It's the only profession that so closely resembles life it's why I call it the sales life because you need selling skills to be successful in life. I didn't have all that, but I just started with day one statements. And the next statement I had to make was. I'm creating a podcast. I'm at the bottom of the barrel. Anyway, I'm not going to give advice. I'm just going to start living my truth. So I had the anchor app, which is free. I had a cell phone and I had a closet and I had five minutes every single day, because I said for a year, I'm going to do a podcast every single day. It's only five minutes long because I had to develop the consistency. I had to develop a rhythm. I had to prove to myself that I could do it. And so do, they were days, you know, on the backside of it. I can see the times that I actually published it and there were days, it was in the afternoon. There were days, it was late in the evening. I will not go to bed until I made one. I missed one in 365 times. And what's crazy is never heard from this person yet. I don't even know who this person is. They sent me an email and said you missed, and I was waiting for your next episode. It helps me because I'm in a toxic relationship. Never heard from that person again. So do you have to turn things from one day to day one, one day, I'd love to have the sales life is I'd like to be a full-time podcaster one day. Nope. It's bullshit. Not to live that way. Day one. So create content. That connects more, that helps more, that people can take away from your episodes and quickly apply it to their life. So what's a driver for you, man. What's the one in the chamber, the kinds of actions. Or action that you can just start by doing because let me tell you something, dude, you're never going to have it all. You're never going to arrive at perfect and you'll never be fully equipped. That's why faith is so important because faith is the spaces in between the lines. See the lines on a page or certain what I write in between those lines, what I do in between those lines, I have control over that. By making in doing day one statement. So what's a one day dream that you'll now turn to a day. One statement you wanna start a business. You want to be a top producer. You want to be a YouTuber. You want to start your own podcast. You want to be a speaker. You want to write a book. You want to become healthier. You want to better relationships, whatever, all of those man, every single thing in your life. I want to be wealthy. It's all available, but you'll never achieve it, man. Hoping that one day it'll happen you can build on day ones. You can only dream on one day and the day ones are the only way your dreams will ever come. True. Reach out to Katherine Brown. She's on LinkedIn, good person to connect to. Uh, also you can connect to her own clubhouse. She's got a weekly, um, hangout that she has right there on the clubhouse. If you need an invite DME, I'll send you an invite. That way you can get in the clubhouse if you hadn't gotten in yet. And, um, also man check out her book, the name of her book that is launching in June. 2021, depending on when you're listening to this, how good humans sell the proven path to B2B sales success. Thanks Catherine, for the email and thank you for being a part of the sales life. So with that TSL let's go sale. And remember the greatest sale the first sale you ever have to make is a sale you on you. Stay amazing. Stay in the sales life.