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June 4, 2021

640. Dial down your old soundtrack and turn up your success w/ Jon Acuff

640. Dial down your old soundtrack and turn up your success w/ Jon Acuff

I've never thought of myself as an over-thinker until I read Jon Acuff's book Soundtracks. When I go for a long run, I like to put on a classic rock playlist. These are songs that I grew up with like Van Halen, Guns and Roses, AC/DC, & Aerosmith that help me push through when I want to quit, but according to Acuff there's another playlist too.

An internal playlist.

Isn't if funny how we'll put on a playlist to go harder, yet we'll listen to an internal playlist that whispers we'll never be more.

Today, with the help of Jon Acuff's 3 questions, I'll help you dial down the old tracks that are calling you a POS (Piece of Sh*t) & turn up a new playlist that says, "Rock On!"

Thanks to Jon Acuff for today's Soundtrack :) (Sorry I couldn't resist)
Grab a copy of his book here.

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but that internal playlist is broken and it's affecting everything that you actually do. It's affecting your relationships. It's affecting your career. It's affecting your goals. It's affecting your health. It's affecting your money management all because this is a very sneaky playlist and it's broken. And so the internal songs that you're hearing. You can't do it. You won't make it. You're no good with money. You'll never lose weight. You'll never get the right person that has been playing on. Repeat for so long that you go throughout your day playing that playlist and you just accept what life is. All right, TSL, let's get it. Welcome to another edition of The Sales Life. And today, man, we're going to jump in a John, Acuff's book "Soundtracks," and I really liked John Acuff . I liked the way that he writes. Um, I like him on social media is very funny, very charismatic, but he writes from a standpoint that isn't one of those that just condemns you. He really writes, uh, simple with some humor. But it's very effective. And those of you who have rocked out with me for a long time, um, I did an episode, one of the first ones, man, um, about, uh, focusing on the day after perfect. And many times the. Summation of it as is many times we have this perfect gold is perfect path to success. And the minute we trip life gets in the way wrecks our plans. Something comes up and when that perfection gets busted up, we ended up quitting the goal. Quitting the mission, like a few days after we start take weight loss, for example. And so you have to focus on the day after perfect. And the day after. Perfect means when you trip and fall, when you hit a snag, when you eat too much, when you drink too much, when you went off at work, whatever. Just focused on the day after. Perfect. And start connecting the, uh, the link to your chain of success again. So we talked about that and recently he came out with a new book called Soundtracks and I came across it on Jordan Harbinger's podcast. And Soundtracks is about overthinking. And initially, man, I kind of hesitated about getting the book cause I'm like, I don't see that I'm an overthinker. I don't, I don't think that I am it's actually served me well, that I'm not one of those kinds of people. Maybe you are, that works out all these kinds of different contingency plans. These if, then what if this happens? I'm not that kind of guy, I'm one of those guys that kind of leaps and find your wings, which has served me well. Um, In sales it's served me well in my career. It doesn't always serve me well, or hasn't always served me well. Um, when it came to my finances, the leap and find your wings kind of thing, uh, I'll have a better month next month to cover my tracks is what led me to bankruptcy many years ago. So I've learned to actually make those adjustments. There are times that I will, uh, I will just do it and adjust along the way, but then there were other times that I will pull back a little bit and kind of analyze it, but this is for those overthinkers and it wasn't until once I read the book, damn, I'm like, you know what? I am an over-thinker. And I'm not an overthinker in the traditional sense or the sense that I was talking about what I normally do. I just go, but I am an over-thinker in the sense that pull back internally on what I'm capable of and what I can do and realize it. And so think of, think of a playlist. So you have to think of your life as a playlist and let's take a playlist. Like when I go on long runs, man, I love to put on classic rock. I grew up on classic rock. And so I'll put the van Halen, the guns roses, the, you know, I didn't even know those of you who are watching this on video. I didn't know. I just grabbed the shirt to put on, um, because I didn't think me doing a shirtless podcast would be very good. So, uh, but I grabbed the, and the first shirt I put on, I guess it was something like deep down and lo and behold, his guns and roses. Um, so got a guns and roses shirt on while I'm actually recording this, but I put the GNR on, I put the ACDC on the van Halen and I go for long runs. Those, but get it. That playlist, man, that helps push me through. I mean just the other day, man, just to show you how powerful songs are Boys To Men came on. And I think it was made like in 92 and "End of the Road"and all of us in the car, we're sitting there, we're sitting there singing into the road. I hadn't heard that song in years yet. I knew a majority of the lyrics, the ones that did, and I just. It music so loud. You can't tell that. I don't know the words anyway. So I'm listening to that and that song , man. When I heard it, when I'm singing it, it instantly took me back to remember the person that I was dating back then. I mean, just that fast that's how that's, how strong songs are. And so when I'm on these long runs, Or you're on this long trip and you hit this playlist, it helps push you through, right. And Acuff says, there's another playlist that's going on. Also, it's an internal playlist, but that internal playlist is broken and it's affecting everything that you actually do. It's affecting your relationships. It's affecting your career. It's affecting your goals. It's affecting your health. It's affecting your money management all because this is a very sneaky playlist and it's broken. And so the internal songs that you're hearing. You can't do it. You won't make it. You're no good with money. You'll never lose weight. You'll never get the right person that has been playing on. Repeat for so long that you go throughout your day playing that playlist and you just accept what life is. In an interesting how we'll develop and create a pre a playlist to go work out, to go on a long run, that'll push us through, but it's also amazing that we internally listened to a playlist repeatedly tells us. Well, we can't do in the playlist that you're listening to, man. It determines your performance and your performance manifest in your results. So with the help of JohnAcuff man, we're going to, we're going to change that playlist. We're going to correct your playlist. And so that way you can create a new playlist, a more productive playlist to help get you to more. Acuff starts the book , man. If you can worry, you can wonder if you could doubt you could dominate. If you can spin, you can soar. And I added one more. If you can dread.dammit you can dream. And as I say these words, if you can worry, you can wonder if you can doubt you can dominate. If you could dread you could dream. If you could span, you could soar. See, as I say these words, you're probably thinking of an either or situation, right? Worry, wonder, doubt. Dominate. And you're probably thinking it. So it seems like a switch. And so I get it marsh for me to be able to be successful. I'll just have to switch this thing on and switch it over to dominating, to dreaming, to wondering and Acuff said, no, you have to actually look at it. It's not a switch. It's a dial. And you've got to learn to turn down the dial. Of the broken soundtrack and through action, turn up the volume on a better playlist, because if you look at it as a switch, Then, and you're, you're forcing yourself to switch this off and you wake up one day with a lot of dread, with a lot of worry with a lot of doubt. When you wake up with those things, you say, oh, marsh, you don't want to bad enough. Oh, you, you know, you, you just, you, you just, it's not meant for you, David. It's not going to happen. Rich. So you, you, you, you think of these switches and if you, if you say, I don't know, man, I just can't switch this over to wonder, I can't switch this over to dreaming. I can't switch this over to soaring. When you say those things, Kenny, what ends up happening is it triggers perfection and. Because you're not perfect because you can't, you're not strong enough to seal these things off the worry, the dread, the spinning, because you can't switch that off. And because it's not perfect, you quit, you accept what life is. You have to remember, man, the broken soundtracks. And the path to a better sound track, a better playlist. It's a dial. It's not a switch. So think about it like this. I'm sitting in the car. Music's blaring. Somebody comes walking up to my car. I don't know who they are. I don't know what they want. So, because they're not familiar, I may dial it down a little bit. The music. I'll turn it down a little bit. See what was his cap? Won't crack my window. Yeah. Which got that person who is walking up is your new playlist. And just like metaphorically speaking, I saw that new playlist walking up that new person walking up, I turn the dial down on the old playlist is blaring in my car. Turn that one down so I can hear the new one. New thoughts, new playlists, new actions. Want to remind you, man. It is going, it is impossible. It's not going to be it's impossible. To wake up, worry-free dread free, unhappy, pissed off. You're going to have those days, man. You're going to have those moments that you just not feel it. You don't even know why some days you just, you just, you know, want to kick the wall. You're going to have those days, man. Don't worry about it in the sense that, oh, you know, you're just not meant for, you know, don't even, don't even trip about it. You just have to remember, these are those kinds of days, man, that it's a dial . And so when this internal broken playlist is super, super hi. Then the only way you're going to be able to turn it down is through action. And so you start taking a counter action to the unproductive thought. And along the way, man, you're going to create a new playlist. So to correct your broken playlist, how do I do this? Marsh? Got it. Three simple questions that John eight cups gifts gives us when a soundtrack comes up in your mind, three questions to test it. Is it true? Is it helpful? And is it kind, those three questions if you're not really sure as those three questions? So let's takeweight loss for example, a lot of people want to lose weight. You never going to lose weight. Is it true? I mean, never it's impossible marsh for you to lose weight. Is that true? No, it's not true broken soundtrack. Is it helpful? You never gonna lose weight? Well, is that gonna make me want to put on the shoes and get after it, or is it just going to spin out of control with even more broken soundtrack? You're never going to lose weight. Is that helpful? Is that productive? You're never going to sell this customer. Is that true? Is that helpful? Does it make me want to say, oh well, I'm to pick up this phone call, you're never going to have a you, your, your, your month is doomed. You're going to have a terrible month. They're not going to give you the job. Is that helpful? Is that thought right there even help? Is it true? You don't know. You haven't even talked to this customer. Is it helpful? Am I going to walk up to this situation and be positive? No, it's a broken soundtrack. And so when you speak with a broken soundtrack, you get more broken soundtracks. I want a new track. I want a new beat. I want, I want a different rhythm. Then you got to test those things. Is it true? Is it helpful? And the last one is the kind. Now you've got to be careful. Number one, a number two. Sound true. You gotta be careful with that. And I say in sales, man, you can rationalize anything. You can rationalize it all away. Right. So you can, you can say, oh yeah. I mean, it's, it's true, man. I mean, I've tried several times. I never lost weight. Is it helpful? Well, I, you know, just keeping it real, man. Yeah. That's helpful, man. Keep it real. It's bullshit. Is it true? Is it helpful? And you gotta be careful, man, though, those can be masked as the, as, uh, they're in disguise. But the last one Acuff says, well, bust all those, those other two up, is it kind? And immediately, dude, I pushed back. Is it kind, and I'm not talking about the rainbows and blow pops kind of, is it kind okay. It's not unicorns and rose pedals. No. Because immediately I, the first person I thought of which he references to in the book is David Goggins, David Goggins, ain't caught, and he's a freaking Savage man. He's a beast. You think he's out there? Come on nanny. You can do this. No, I don't feel that he's kind. But Goggins also said the, the, the most important conversation that you're ever going to have is a conversation that you have with yourself. I think about that. So is it kind of means that you're mindful means that you're fully present? You're not stuck in the past of what's already been jacked up. You're not going in the future thinking, oh, wow. I mean, you know, being a fortune teller of a train wreck, You're fully present. You're playing where your feet are. You're right here right now. Is it kind means that you put no judgment on it. No judgment. If, if you put a judgment on it and it's got some stank, you got some negativity on it. That's a broken soundtrack. Now it doesn't mean when the broken soundtrack comes up. Your fat ass. You're never gonna lose weight. Is it true? No. Is it helpful? No. Is it kind of, well, I mean, it is what it is. It is right. Here's the one just switch that. Is it kind your fat ass? I'm just keeping it real, man. I mean, come on man. Push this. So when you're barking out these things, you let yourself go. You never going to save any money? Come on. I got this. Come on now the 20 minutes I got this another minute. Let's go. One more rep, one more customer. One more dial. One more hour, 30, more minutes, whatever it is. One more page some days. That's what I gotta do, man. I got to say, come on. I ain't feeling this today. I don't want to do this. It's too much work. Come on, man. One page when you're saying that, come on one more page. See, that's kind, you're not putting any judgment on it. You're taking an action. That's saying move forward. Let's go. So these are three questions, man, that you can simply ask yourself when you're not sure. And you're spinning a little bit. Is it true? Is it helpful as a kind of those three questions? And you'll quickly calibrate yourself. Now, sometimes, man, what you're going to have to do is you're going to have to, you have to be like that cover band. You know, what a cover band is, right? Cover band is the one that you go to a local bar and they're playing someone else's music. And sometimes dude, that may mean that you're going to have to be a cover band for yourself. And so you're going to have to borrow someone else's soundtracks. And so that's why it's important that you listen to the podcasts that you read, the right books, that you surround yourself with the right people that you watch, the right videos, and then you apply. It's not enough to just listen, dude, you got to apply it. And so as you apply it, Borrowing someone else's soundtracks. You're going to develop your own as well. There's some other very useful, uh, techniques, pocket jury is one thing that John Acuff , uh, references to. And maybe one day we'll, uh, we'll talk about that, but it's a really good book. It's not a long book. It's not a heavy book at all, but I urge you man, to check that book out, especially if this resonates with you, that you feel like that, man, I just, some days I just feel like I'm just like, okay, It's probably broken soundtracks and you've got an internal playlist that's going on and you probably didn't realize it until you heard it here on the sales life. First. Hopefully we'll have John own in the future. Reference him to this one, man, tag him in this and say, man, look, you need to come on to the sales life with that was rollout. What are the soundtracks that you have that are playing. And ask yourself, is it true? Is it helpful? Is it kind show your love and support if you would, man, by, uh, by leaving your comments. If you're watching this on the video, we'd love to hear from you what you take away. Also put the time, um, the timestamp on there. So others can also see at what point a certain phrase or certain. Thought came to mind and really drew you to it. And also man, share this episode with someone else. The only way that we're going to grow the TSL nation is, are you sharing it? And if this is your first time listening to it, be sure and subscribe to the sales life. Over 600 episodes, man, we're going to keep rolling this thing out. We're going to amp it up a little bit more. I'm excited to tell you more about that in the, uh, in the future ahead. So with that, remember the greatest sale we end every show like this, the greatest sale that you will ever make is a sale. You own you because you're more than enough. Stay amazing. Stay in the sales life.