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May 16, 2021

636. "Everyone has a story that is shaped by THIS moments." Nina Sossamon-Pogue author, speaker, Emmy winner & bad-ass individual.


Today on The Sales Life, it is my pleasure to bring on Nina Sossamon-Pogue. Nina is a Emmy award winner. Author. Speaker.

And just an overall bad-ass, resilient individual. In episode 589  back in October of 2020. I read her book, This Is Not The End,  and did an episode about needing a script for  what she calls "This" moments. 

This moments are catastrophic situations that arise in your life. They are situations that felt like there's no coming back from.  

Nina writes, "There was this before. And there will be a, this after. "

She is a living testament of going through not only life altering, but could have been life ending moments and not only surviving, but thriving on the other side. 

I was really drawn to this book because, I'd too had my dark moments. Bankrupt. Demoted. Divorced, & suicidal thoughts.

 I had these thoughts and moments and they seemed like the absolute worst moments.

After I published the podcast, Episode 589, she, and I started communicating, but  couldn't get together, but finally the stars aligned and we were finally able to make this happen.

The conversation was so good, I never even got to my notes, but maybe that's the mark of a great conversation. Much like enjoying dinner with a good friend, the conversation just takes flight. And that's exactly what happened in this conversation. 

Nina shares not only a bit of her past, but also shares a piece of herself of how she was able to pick up the pieces of her life and create a new masterpiece. 

Resilience" isn't even a strong enough word to describe Nina Sossamon-Pogue although that's probably the word that she would use the most. She's proof that no matter what you're going through in life, there is another side.

If you handle it right and you attach the right language to it, your THIS will make you better.

 I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Connect with Nina. She's active on Instagram, Facebook, and  Twitter. 

 And also grab a copy of her book. "This Is Not The End: Strategies to get you through the worst chapters of your life." 

If you've gone through this moments that seem like they're the end, they're not, they're just a new beginning for you. 

Also she's got a great podcast that she brings on guests that have gone through their "This" moments, This Seriously Sucks, the right podcast when life goes seriously wrong."  

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