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May 10, 2021

635. Half ass approach = low ass results. Creating "calculated confidence" w/ Josh Altman

635. Half ass approach = low ass results. Creating

As a young man at football camp, a kicking coach gave Josh Altman some sage advice. No matter what’s on the line or the pressure you may feel, “always kick the ball the same.” 

Not only did Altman carry that forward as an athlete, but he carried it forward in his career as a highly successful real estate agent to LA’s rich & famous. 

Your inconsistency is due to your reputation. “When you half-ass your job, you’re hurting your reputation. Your reputation doesn’t just affect the way that others see you, it affects the way that you understand yourself.” 

When you give way to your assumptions, you give up your confidence. 

On today’s episode: 🔥 How did one lease lead to millions? 🔥 You’re getting beat because you’re trying to figure out if “I’ve got a buyer here...” 🔥You won’t be ready for the “big one.” 🔥 What is “calculated confidence?” Take The Sales Life to go with this and 600+ more episodes by subscribing to The Sales Life on your favorite #podcast app.

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