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April 28, 2021

633. “Have to” NOW for a “get to” later.

633. “Have to” NOW for a “get to” later.

Personal development coaches will tell you on the days that you have the “don‘t wants,” you should just remind yourself that you “get to” take on the world.

Thats all fine and good if everything is unicorns 🦄 , rainbows 🌈 , & sunflowers🌻. 

But what do you do on the days when you don‘t want to “get to” do anything? 

These are your “have to days.” The days when you’re bummed, busted, broken, & bitter, yet you still push through anyway. 

Not because you “get to,” but because you “have to.”

”Have to” now = “get to” later.

I “have to” stop typing now. I hope you “get to” enjoy this episode. 😂

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#632 “Your comfort zone never stays the same. It’s either shrinking or expanding” 

#19 ”Confidence is muscle not magic.”



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