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Dec. 5, 2020

602. “Systems don’t fail people. People fail systems.” A sales conversation w/ Sean Hill

602. “Systems don’t fail people. People fail systems.” A sales conversation w/ Sean Hill

Sean Hill & I hooked up on LinkedIn in & finally got together to talk sales. Sean doesn’t have the luxury lists of inbound leads- he has to FIO (Figure It Out) by walking into businesses and try to further the conversations. 

Today you’ll hear his strategic approach to creating outcomes for his customers; the way he asks for referrals; & how ”the worm turned,” for him.

Even if you’re not in the profession of sales, I think you’ll discover some skills to apply to your life.

Connect with Sean Hill on LinkedIn.

Helpful Time Stamps: 

6:12 Cold leads

11:23 Specific sales process

13:38 How he handles the “blow off” lead

17:07 Conversation is not about thinking of the next question. 
19:04 Some effective sales are “no sales.”

21:00 Referrals. How to ask & how often 

31:05 Tracking your sales performance 

35:40 Call ☎️ blocking 

39:13 When ”the worm 🐛 turned”

What’s your takeaways from today’s episode?

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