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Nov. 3, 2020

592. Get your pickup truck mentality back

592. Get your pickup truck mentality back

You know it’s a good book when only partially through it, you grab the mic and do a podcast episode on what you’ve read so far!

That’s what actor Matthew McConaughey’s book “Greenlights” is for me. (Why the title Greenlights? Well you gotta listen & I’ll tell you 😉)

We pick up in McConaughey’s senior year in high school. Straight A’s, great golfer, & voted most handsome, Matthew was on top of the world. 

To add to his on-topness he bought a red Nissan 300ZX with T-tops, but as the weeks passed, he wasn’t getting the attention he once did.

He was leaning on what he’d done & was no longer working his “do.”

Have you lost the hustle? Have you lost the chase? Have you relied on past results instead of punching with new effort. Maybe it’s because you’ve got the sports car mentality and lost your pickup truck effort. 

Time to get your truck back.

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