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June 4, 2020

520. First, be average

520. First, be average

Because average is the base camp of great. So you fell asleep at the wheel...your pants are tighter & your sales are lighter. I bet when I talk to you, you’re telling me how you used to look and live right?

And you were soooo close, right? You almost had it going on like “them.” And now look at you.

Everything you do is spoken in past tense & present failure which only affirms your mental narrative that you’ll never get back to “once was.”

You’re right, you won’t. Because we’re gonna go higher, but first you gotta be average & build consistency by scraping some lines in the sand.

Stop comparing yourself to great. Work to be average. First we’re gonna stop the bleeding taking you from a -1 to a Zero...build in some average, then we’ll load the bar. But first you gotta stop bleeding out.

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