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May 21, 2020

506. Rowan is the new Roman

506. Rowan is the new Roman

In chapter 14 of Wes Berry’s book “Big Things Have Small Beginnings,” he leads off telling the true story of “A message to Garcia.”

A story of one officer who had to go alone through the jungles to deliver a critical message to Garcia. It took Rowan 3 weeks but he did it.

He didn’t whine or complain, he got it done. Rowans have 4 traits: Individual responsibility, focus, perseverance, & creatively find solutions to complicated problems.

Rowan is awakening that gladiator inside of you.

You may be a Rowan, but conformity has made you blend in instead of stand out...until now 😉

TSL Action Item:

  1. What Rowan traits to you posses?
  2. What Rowan traits are dormant that need to be awakened?

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