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May 8, 2020

493. Use pillows, plywood, & duct tape if you have to.

493. Use pillows, plywood, & duct tape if you have to.

How many times have you let circumstances stand in the way of the creative things you want to do?

You want to be an author, speaker, podcaster, negotiator, personal trainer, financial planner, YouTube star, or have your own cooking show?

Oh...but you need (_______this) first, right?

You didn’t when you were a kid. You used duct tape, pillows, & plywood to build your desires.

If you want circumstances to change, then the creatives must come before the circumstances.

You have all you need to get started. So start.

TSL Action Steps:

  1. Name 1 thing you’ve been wanting to do but have put off because you think you need more time & money?

  2. What do you have or can download for FREE to start.

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