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May 1, 2020

486. Strains, Pains, & Gains

486. Strains, Pains, & Gains

(Skip the 1rst 5 min if you want to go straight to the show) 🔥PLEASE share the show w/ others & thumb a quick rating / review. Your voice helps others find the show. New parents are all too familiar with the strains of a new baby. Sleepless nights, confusion, no more “me” time- the Life before is shattered.

But you evolve as a new parent...the strains & pains initially become more manageable. Things didn’t get easier...you got better.

& this relates to life as a whole. Being a single parent, career change, health scare, & financial disruptions are incredible strains. The pain is unbearable at times...but they birth the gains.

Don’t atrophy in life. Some strains & gains find you...other days you need to find it bc you’re building your assets.

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